What are some examples of conservative politics


An election poster for the Christian Democratic Union from 1953. During the Cold War, it advertised the protection of families in West Germany from the “Reds”, ie the communists.

Conservatism is a political word. The word "conservare" comes from the Latin language and means "to preserve". Those who are conservative primarily want to keep the world as it is. Conservatism is a political direction.

Conservatives are often referred to as "rights". This should not be confused with “right-wing extremists”, because that usually means supporters of National Socialism. The classification as "right" comes from the first parliament of France. There sat those to the right of the speaker who wanted France to remain a kingdom. Later it was the less radical revolutionaries.

The opposite of conservatism is progressivism. "Progressivism" is the Latin word for progress. The progressives are often called “leftists”. Most of the time, they want the state to work for progress and equality in society. Conservatives, on the other hand, are more likely to live with the fact that there are rich and poor. Because of this, they often want to do less about it.

Conservative people don't necessarily want nothing to change in society. But they find certain values ​​important, that is, views of how the world should be. Family, for example, is a value. They want the state to help families. They also like tradition.

Many conservatives also believe that men and women should only share an apartment if they are married. Homosexuals should not be allowed to marry. Conservatives are also more likely to be against abortion and against the fact that one can buy light drugs without being punished for it. Conservatives are often more opposed to strict measures to protect the environment or to restrict car traffic in cities. But you can't definitely say that in every case. There are always people who generally describe themselves as conservative and yet have a different opinion on certain issues.

Which conservative parties are there today?

There used to be several conservative parties in Germany. Today most conservatives choose either the Christian Democratic Union or the alternative for Germany. These parties are abbreviated to CDU and AfD.

In Switzerland, the Swiss People's Party, or SVP for short, is the most conservative and at the same time the largest party. In Austria, two large parties see themselves as conservative. These are the Austrian People's Party or ÖVP and the Freedom Party of Austria, the FPÖ.

In the European Parliament, many conservative parties come together to form the European People's Party, i.e. the EPP. The CDU and the ÖVP are members of this association. This also includes other large conservative parties in Europe, such as Les Républicains from France, Forza Italia from Italy or the Partido Popular from Spain.

In the US, the Republican Party is very conservative. It is one of the two major parties that put a candidate for the presidency. However, there are many currents within this party. Some Republicans see themselves more as liberal.

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