How do you play squash

Translation of "We can play squash" in German

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We should play squash together sometime.
Like, you and Piper play squash together.
Don, we should play squash sometime.
Well, those guys all play squash and have middle names.
Hey plays squash with the Prime Minister.
Don't think the Prime Minister wants to play squash with me.
I don't think the prime minister is with me playing squash want...
Guests can rent a bicycle or play squash and bowling.
You can even play squash here.
For clients, we provide active recreation visits to the Fry-relax center, where you can play squash or badminton, or swim in the pool with a counter and relax in the whirlpool tub.
For customers we offer active relaxation visiting the Fry-Relax Center, where you can squash or badminton play or swim in the counter-current pool and relax in the whirlpool.
In the area of ​​the pool you can play squash, bowling. In the restaurant the regular Friday'and Saturday'discos take place in season and even off-season.
In the area can man Next Also swim bowling or play squash. In the summer season (Fridays and Saturdays) there are discos in the restaurant.
I. play squash with him at the club sometimes.
I walk, go to the gym, swim, play squash, watch movies, and read about technology.
I go for a walk, work out in the gym play squash, watch films and read technical literature on technology.
Others may want to play squash, tennis, swimming, jogging or one of several forms of physical activity.
Others want squash, Tennis, swimming, jogging, or playing one of several forms of physical activity.
- transportation to a nearby sports club where you can use a golf simulator, tennis courts, jacuzzi, and sauna, exercise in the gym or play squash.
- Transportation to a nearby health club with golf simulator, tennis courts, whirlpool, sauna, and gym squash.
You look like the kind who play squash.
In his leisure time he plays squash and likes to ski and sail.
In his free time plays he likes squash, goes skiing and sailing.
There are rackets and balls made available in order to play squash.
To the Squash are made available to a racket and ball.
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