Will my RAC tickets be confirmed 1

Refund rules for a confirmed ticket versus an unconfirmed ticket booked through the Indian Railways Tatkal program

All of the above answers are perfect except for the last part.

RAC tickets are considered confirmed tickets for this purpose and a refund will be granted accordingly. However, in this particular case, RAC is not even possible in Tatkal.

However, this is considered confirmed for tickets that were booked online at the time of mapping and transported to the RAC (and also without a confirmed sleeping space). No refunds will be given if you do not travel. This is fundamentally different from the treatment of waiting list tickets booked online, for which a refund is made automatically.

Please note these two points from (http://www.indianrail.gov.in/refund_Rules.html)

For e-tickets (confirmed or RAC), once the reservation tables have been created, an online TDR must be submitted in order to receive a refund. A reimbursement of the fare is not permitted on an e-ticket after a confirmed reservation if the request for reimbursement is submitted online two hours after the actual departure of the train.


No refund of the fare is permitted for RAC-E-Tickets if the refund request is made online three hours after the actual departure of the train.


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