What are the Best Natural Medical Hacks

Home remedies: the healing power of nature

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Natural Home Remedies and How to Use Them

Even our grandmothers swore by the healing powers of nature for everyday ailments such as headaches, stomach cramps or colds. Today the old home remedies are experiencing a kind of renaissance. We introduce you to important home remedies and give you tips
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Diet Home Remedies Check: Does Apple Cider Vinegar Really Help You Lose Weight?

Gardening tips Against unloved greenery: Get rid of weeds without poison

Home remedies ginger: effect of the healthy super tuber

Health Home Remedies: The Best Recipes from Around the World

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Alpine medicine From the natural pharmacy: home remedies for coughs

What helps against coughs and dry coughs? Pharmacist Arnold Achm├╝ller, author of the reference book "Alpine Medicine", reveals the best natural home remedies for coughs

Insights into medicine cabinets These pictures show how the world is healing

9 pictures
Powder, herbs, juices: what people have in their medicine cabinet also reflects their outlook on life. What do you fear? How much is health worth to them? The photos in our gallery provide the answers - and the medical historian Michael Knipper in the GEO interview

Immune system food for a cold: These foods will make you fit again

The cold, damp weather outside and the dry heating air inside are very troublesome for the immune system. Right now it is particularly important to strengthen the body's defenses through a diet rich in vitamins. We explain which food strengthens the immune system when you have a cold

Cold The best home remedies for a sore throat

If you have cold symptoms such as a sore throat, you don't always have to resort to antibiotics. Proven home remedies work with the power of nature. We introduce the best home remedies for a sore throat

Advisor From purchasing to storage: This is what you should keep in mind with ginger

We give tips on how to handle ginger

Food of the gods honey: what honey can do

The ancient Egyptians referred to honey as "food of the gods" and the natural sweetener is still very popular today. We introduce you to the superfood.

Superfood Moringa - the power food from India

Moringa is becoming more and more popular in Germany. Moringa oleifera is said to be the most nutritious plant in the world! We give an overview of the superfood

Sustainable care, do-it-yourself natural cosmetics for autumn

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When autumn arrives, the cool temperatures come with it. At this time of year, our body needs additional care, which can be produced using natural means. We deliver five ideas

Living sustainably These natural helpers should not be missing in any household

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We introduce you to three things that are true all-rounders and should therefore not be missing in any household

Insects These mosquito home remedies really help

We'll reveal effective home remedies against mosquitoes that drive away pests without chemicals. So you are safe from mosquito bites.

Ecological household These five home remedies replace an entire drugstore

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Cleaning and cleaning agents fill entire walls of shelves in the supermarket. But most of them are expensive, polluting, and unnecessary. What you really need are five simple budget resources

Home remedies Non-toxic against sunburn, mosquitoes and the like

Finally out into nature, in the sun and on the beach - without regrets: These simple remedies help against the most common holiday ailments

Combat headaches These five tips can help combat headaches - without pain medication

Everyone gets a headache every now and then - simple tricks can often help

Health home remedies for colds, fever and Co.

Sore throat? Headache? Even today, some home remedies help against colds and fever. Before there was aspirin and cortisone, people mainly helped each other with what nature gave.

Quiz: Home Remedies How well do you know grandma's home remedies?

Put your knowledge of herbal remedies to the test and see how fit you really are in the "soft medicine" field

Grandma's home remedy tricks for a cold from the natural pharmacy

With grandma's home remedies, complaints such as coughs or runny nose can often be cured easily. We'll show you many recipes that grandma would have prepared herself!

Gentle Medicine Where Grandma Was Right: Home Remedies That Really Help

Chicken soup, leg wraps and the like have a long tradition. GEO WISSEN presents ten well-known house recipes, for the effects of which there is a scientific explanation
Home remedies help with all kinds of ailments: whether with a sore throat, cough, hoarseness or a bad cold - they alleviate all kinds of symptoms and ailments. We reveal what the best home remedies are, what to consider during treatment and which remedies really help.