How do we stop the social evil

Against racism and right-wing agitation - our alternative is social justice!

Decision of the 1st meeting of the 6th party congress of the DIE LINKE party from June 8 to 10, 2018 in Leipzig

We are currently experiencing a shift to the right in society. Right-wing organizations and parties are increasingly gaining influence. The balance of power is shifting, anti-racist taboos are breaking. Right-wing violence is taking on new dimensions. Right-wing marches are the order of the day. The normalization of the AfD is accompanied by a radicalization.

For the first time in many decades, with the arrival of the AfD, Nazis are again in the Bundestag. The AfD is not a normal, democratic party. The AfD stirs up racism against refugees and Muslims, holds them responsible for all social evils - from poverty to sexual violence. She is the spiritual arsonist of thousands of right-wing attacks on refugees, Muslims and others. We have to state that the AfD is already "co-governing" in this country, primarily through the Union. The implementation of racist Stammtisch slogans against refugees, especially by the CDU / CSU, in real politics, as well as the daily agitation in the media against refugees constantly remind us: Racism is not a fringe group phenomenon or limited to a supposedly isolated, extremist minority in society.

The AfD pretends to defend the rights of Jews and has numerous anti-Semites in its ranks. It questions the commemoration and remembrance of the crimes of National Socialism and propagates a völkisch nationalism.

The AfD acts as the guardian of women's rights, only to spread racism, and at the same time calls into question the rights of women that have been fought for. She fights the left legacy of the 1968 movement and wants to turn back time to the 1940s and 50s. With her völkisch-nationalistic view of the world and family, she takes a stand against feminists and the representatives of minority rights such as migrants, people with disabilities and LGBTTIQ * people.

It pretends to be a party of the common people, but actually makes politics for the higher earners and the wealthy.

The AfD is the focal point of the extreme right in Germany and is developing further and further to the right. Nationalists, racists, anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers have renewed momentum and now have a platform - also in many parliaments. There is no longer any demarcation to the far right: the party exclusion proceedings against Höcke were demonstratively dropped. The numerous Nazi scandals in the party have no consequences. The neo-fascist "wing" is accepted by the national-conservative part of the AfD and can build up in the party undisturbed and is increasingly relying on street mobilization - with Pegida, the Identitarians and neo-Nazis. That is extremely dangerous. We have to keep ourselves in mind as a guideline for our actions: The danger that a racist mass movement emerges, which becomes a threat to everyone who does not fit into their national worldview, is real. On the other hand, it is important to mobilize uncompromisingly.

For us one thing is certain: we need a "united front of all anti-fascist forces" today, that is, an alliance that includes bourgeois forces in addition to the antifa, trade unions, the SPD and the Greens. Through an anti-fascist mass movement, we can isolate and push back the AfD and create a social climate that makes it difficult for the CDU / CSU to cooperate with the AfD.

The Left has a political task that goes beyond that: It must be made clear through DIE LINKE from this alliance that there is a progressive part of society that is committed against racism, but which does not stop there, but demands better conditions for everyone. It must be a counter-movement that opposes government policy as well as precarization, housing shortages, racism, sexism and a lack of prospects.

In contrast to bourgeois parties, but also the SPD, we know that right-wing positions cannot be countered by accommodating the right. Only a left that unequivocally and unequivocally opposes racist demands and combines this with social demands can gain the strength that is necessary to push back the AfD and the right-wing formation of society. Our answer to capitalism, which is increasingly turning brown, must be to clarify who is responsible for the increasingly precarious situation. This includes pointing out again and again that there would be more money immediately for doing social tasks. We have to become more of a caretaker party on site and more perceptible as an extra-parliamentary force.

Stop the shift to the right!

  • The AfD has its most determined opponent in us. We are against the normalization of the AfD. We reaffirm the decisions of the party executive and parliamentary group and publicly advocate a course of strict demarcation, which ideally ends in the political isolation of the AfD. Against the shift to the right, we need many, massive and broad protests in order to push back the AfD and right-wing ideology.
  • DIE LINKE stands up to the old and new agitators - in parliaments and on the streets - whether in the city or in the country, whether in Kandel or Berlin: DIE LINKE mobilizes broadly against right-wing marches and activities.
  • We clarify against right-wing slogans. Refugees, Muslims or Jews must not become scapegoats for problems that have their origins in capitalism. DIE LINKE continues to take part in the alliance campaign "Stand up against racism", in the regulars' table fighter training courses, the awareness campaign against racist slogans.
  • We also support the protests against the AfD federal party congress in Augsburg on June 30, 2018. Because the AfD wants to use the party congress to spread its right-wing agitation in the run-up to the state elections in Bavaria. We want to set a visible, colorful sign of protest and solidarity against it.
  • We take part in the action conference of "Stand up against racism" on August 31st to September 2nd in Frankfurt am Main in order to exchange and network with others nationwide in alliance with others about strategies against the law. We support the "Rock against Right" on September 1st in Frankfurt am Main, which is organized by a broad alliance.
  • We are fighting for a strong result for the LEFT in the state elections in Bavaria on October 14th and in Hesse on October 28th. And we fight together with many for a defeat of the AfD.
  • In the European elections as well as the local and state elections in Bremen, Brandenburg, Thuringia and Saxony in 2019, given the rise of right-wing parties in many European countries, we stand for limitless solidarity against capitalism and exclusion. Our alternative is social justice - against racism and right-wing agitation!

The decision can be downloaded as a PDF file