Can Chinese people drink water

Only cowards grow old

Water is the greatest wonder of nature, what does man do, he just pollutes it!

Tip: drink warm water

Drink 3 liters of warm water daily. Dr. Everywhere and the book "You are not sick, you are thirsty" have now finally convinced me of it. It has been medically proven how important this is. Warm water like the Tibetan medicine prescribed as a remedy for centuries. Cold water costs the body energy. Warm water gives the body energy. The water must boil in the kettle once.

There is no substitute for pure water - not even coffee, tea, alcohol or juices!

Drinking water from the tap

Depending on the region, the drinking water from the tap can be drunk without hesitation. But more and more caution is called for. Many people no longer trust the running water and buy mineral water, which is often not free from pollutants. We are already down a troubling road. There is no going back to simple, healthy water. Our floors, which serve as filters, are already too polluted.
Drug Residues in Drinking Water: One of the bigger problems in drinking water is the drug residue in the water. Experts are already sounding the alarm and working on better research methods.

What can we do?

Tip: Warm up your water, bring it to the boil briefly and drink it warm.
Our tip to drink warm water has an important reason. Drinking water in the western world and in Asia is very different. We in the west like to drink cold sparkling water. The Asians are immediately hit by it. In all of Asia, China, India, Japan (until now) they don't like carbon dioxide. Drinking cold water is even considered harmful in Asia. Asians drink their water warm and most of them even drink it hot!

Warm water is medicine

Try it out, after a short time you will get used to warm drinking water and find it pleasant. Cold water costs the body energy by having to bring the water to body temperature, warm water brings energy to the body. In Ayurveda health teaching, drinking hot water is particularly important. Boiling the water enriches itself with energy, releases it to our body and has a better cleaning effect. In Ayurveda, it is important to boil the water and let it bubble. The drinking temperature should be adapted to the condition, sometimes you like it hot then just warm.

Warm water detoxifies better

In China, warm water has always been considered beneficial. In Chinese medicine (TCM), warm water has a detoxifying effect. High temperatures mean that pollutants in the body can be better dissolved and removed. But it has also been scientifically proven that boiling has advantages. At high temperatures, substances crystallize in the water and are dissolved. As a result, the water is thinner and should be able to carry away pollutants more easily.

Digestion and calorie burning is better

The digestion can be stimulated by warm water. This means that food is broken down more easily and can pass through the digestive organs more quickly. In the case of constipation, warm water is important and has a dissolving effect.
New studies show that warm water can have a positive effect on the ateries and veins, the body temperature increases very minimally, the arteries and veins open. Blood flow improves and blood flow to muscles and tissues is improved. Fat deposits are more easily dissolved with warm / hot water. The metabolism is accelerated and thus calories are burned in the resting state.

Hot water for many ailments

Warm water is effective against pain. Think of the hot water bottle that you put on when you have stomach problems. But the warm water works even better inside, it has an antispasmodic effect, especially for abdominal pain and abdominal cramps. Warm water can also help loosen blocked mucus for the nose and airways. Water vapor is good for compromised airways.

Mineral water yes but

If so, pure living and still mineral water should be bottled in glass bottles. I know it's easy to say. But germs form in the plastic bottles, this has been scientifically investigated several times. In 1995, pathogens were found in 30% of the water tested. You should also know that mineral water should only be the second choice. The fewer minerals a water contains, the greater the potential to absorb and flush out pollutants. In advertising, it is suggested the other way round.

PET bottles release questionable plasticizers into the water. The plasticizers are said to have hormone-like effects that can damage our health. Germs also form when drinking directly from the bottle. If you constantly suckle on the plastic bottle, your health is not good.

Limit values ​​in mineral water: I assume that the mineral water in western countries is good and healthy, at least not harmful to health.
Mineral water is subject to the Mineral Water Ordinance and is regulated differently in different countries. In DE and AT these ordinances differ greatly from the Drinking Water Ordinance, and indeed significantly. In mineral water, no tests for pesticides and nitrates are required, but in the Drinking Water Ordinance they are. Drinking water may only contain 10 mycro / liter of lead and arsenic, but mineral water may contain 50 mycro / liter of arsenic and 40 mycro / liter of lead.
Radioactivity: foodwatch has examined the mineral water for radioactivity. The results were not reassuring. More than ten percent of the well-known brands such as Pellegrino etc. contain critical amounts of uranium for babies and toddlers.
The report - there are uranium limit values ​​in drinking water - there are no limit values ​​at all in mineral water.


It is worth paying more attention to our most important food.

Experts |

Dr. med. F. Batmangheelidj
The book "You are not sick, you are thirsty.
Dr. med.F.Batmangheelidj is a very recognized physician who has dedicated himself to research into water treatments. The book is intended for doctors, but parts of it are also very interesting for normal people.

Water is so vital to us that our body can no longer function properly if it does not receive enough of it. This then manifests itself in a variety of diseases. The author vividly explains why symptoms of illness such as diabetes, cancer, impaired brain functions and even chronic fatigue syndrome should be understood as the body's cries for water - and why they should be treated that way. Drinking water and an optimal supply of minerals is the royal road to health and well-being.