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Mourning for the prince

London in the early afternoon: An oppressive mood spreads in the British capital when the news of Prince Philip's death broke out. All over Great Britain flags were lowered to half mast.

Just two months before his 100th birthday, Prince Philip died in the early hours of April 9 at Windsor Castle, west of London. He had long had a heart condition and had only been discharged from the hospital a few weeks earlier.

Land and crown

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was much more than just the Prince Consort of Queen Elizabeth II, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in his address. His "selfless service to the country" and his career in the Royal Navy during World War II were among the qualities that made him so outstanding, Johnson said.

Even if the prince was not known for making friends everywhere, his commitment to the crown broke many records: In addition to accompanying the queen on all 251 official foreign visits over the decades, Prince Philip has graduated from Buckingham Palace since 1952 more than 22,000 individual engagements, mainly as patron of 785 organizations. It wasn't until 2017 that he retired from official royal duties at the age of 96.

And despite the rather frosty relations between the UK and the European Union since leaving the EU last year, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen also expressed her condolences over the death of the Duke of Edinburgh in a tweet:

Similar statements came from many other heads of state and government, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

People beyond the streets of London also showed sympathy: Lynda Martin, an official from Sheffield, told DW that Prince Philips "legacy will endure". Your thoughts are now with the royal family. "I am thinking mainly of the Queen now, and how she will deal with it. It will take me a while to understand how it will affect me. No death goes by unaffected."

A grieving nation

Beyond politics, there were also condolences from celebrities. Footballer Gary Lineker, for example, also emphasized in a tweet the importance of the service and dedication that the Duke of Edinburgh had rendered for the country and the crown.

Further condolences came from cultural workers, such as the singer Boy George. Prince Philip was "like a naughty grandfather".

Not everyone's favorite

Prince Philip was also sometimes seen as insensitive and politically incorrect. His views were often perceived as cynical and even grumpy and sometimes bordered on what could be perceived as racism. Although he denied having an exclusionary attitude towards anyone, Prince Philip struggled to shake that reputation.

Because of this, there were numerous negative comments on social media in response to the news of Prince Philips' death. Some users have moved to sharing memes and other images to express the opposite of grief over the loss of a public figure.

A family affair

Rumors of Philips' worldview hit headlines again just a month before his death when his grandson Harry, the Duke of Sussex, gave a high-profile TV interview with his wife, former American actress Meghan Markle.

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey had asked Markle during the interview if her son's appearance had ever been an issue for a member of the royal family. Markle responded that a "senior royal" had raised concerns about the color of her son Archie, who is currently seventh in line to the throne. As a result, suspicions were expressed on the Internet that this person could have been Prince Philip. However, Winfrey later confirmed that Harry had told her that neither Philip nor the Queen were responsible for the remarks.

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    Author: Stefan Dege

Meanwhile, some fans of the Duke of Edinburgh theorized that the stress that followed these comments had unduly affected Philips' health.

Modest burial

Details of the funeral and funeral have not yet been announced. While it is standard royal protocol to plan well in advance for such eventualities and to adhere to precise protocol, in the case of the Duke of Edinburgh things could go differently than other royals who died before Prince Philip.

As a Royal Navy veteran, Prince Philip has reportedly requested a military burial. The service will likely take place in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

However, the pandemic-related restrictions could thwart plans for a grand funeral, although, according to media reports, Prince Philip would have spoken out in favor of a rather simple funeral.

Even during his lifetime, the Duke of Edinburgh always displayed a sense of modesty, which is best reflected in a description that Queen Elizabeth II gave her husband in 1997 - on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary:

"He's someone who doesn't take compliments easily, but he was quite simply my strength and my support over the years."

Adaptation from English: Rayna Breuer