What is continuous advancement in software development

Individual software development

The key to productivity in electronic data processing is the software that supports your workflows and processes. Our many years of experience in individual software development allow us to develop tailor-made software solutions for you.

We guarantee you a stable platform and continuous further development. A professional team of system developers with external cooperation partners has been working with us since 1999 to handle extensive projects in the database and application area.

From requirements and system analysis, planning, development and adaptation of business applications to project management and training, we develop and implement the optimal solution for our customers.

Advantages of individual software development

  • Individual software enables optimal and needs-based support for your business processes. As a result, hardly any training or change in habits.
  • The know-how about unique processes that distinguish this company from others is thus implemented in the software and not accessible to third parties.
  • Anticipatory action through flexible software design.
  • Open architecture with regard to the further development of the software.
  • You only buy what you really need and get it exactly as you need it.
  • Individual software can be integrated into existing solutions and, for example, take over data from other applications.

Our platform is Microsoft .NET

We rely on the powerful development environment from Microsoft. Microsoft .NET is an open platform for application development. The .NET Framework offers over 8000 objects (classes) with reusable functions for e.g. high-performance graphics and window display, website development and data access. Microsoft .NET is available on many devices and platforms and supports over 30 programming languages ​​such as VB.NET, C #, C ++ and F #.

With .NET you can create applications with excellent user interfaces, enormous productivity, high availability and security. The Microsoft .NET Framework provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model for the development of applications that implement a convincing user experience, seamless and secure communication and complex business processes.

One platform for all devices: from desktop and server to web to smartphone or tablet

Microsoft .NET is available on many devices and platforms. With Microsoft .NET we can use know-how for different platforms and develop different types of applications. We can also use know-how in the .NET Framework on the server or for cloud computing. The development of mobile applications on a smartphone or tablet computer or the control of robots are all based on the same principles.