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Impress your customers with the personalized HTML viewer

Just for you: our personalized session login

As a Mikogo user, you are certainly already very familiar with our HTML viewer. Perhaps you have already integrated the session login with our standard code on your website. Now we have developed a customizable version of this code so that you can completely integrate the Mikogo HTML Viewer into your own page. This allows attendees to join sessions directly from your website without any downloads. The best part is that your customers are never redirected to the Mikogo website, they stay with you - before, during and after the session. In addition, the session login can be completely adapted to your design. There is hardly a more professional way to invite your customers to a conversation.

The personalized session login - why actually?

The feedback on the integration of the session login has so far been very positive. Nevertheless, Mikogo users kept contacting us who would like to keep their customers completely on their own website - especially after the session has ended.

That is why we have set to work and can now, in addition to the existing option, present you with our personalized session login for online presentations, online advice and online meetings as a premium solution. The advantages for you are:

  1. When a participant joins the session, the HTML Viewer opens directly in a new tab. Participants do not see the Mikogo login page.
  2. As usual, the HTML Viewer works very easily for participants: no downloads, no plug-ins.
  3. The form that participants can use to join the session can be integrated into your website as an iframe - so the customers stay on your side at all times.
  4. System messages in the form are displayed on their own page. The customer will not be redirected to the Mikogo website.
  5. All text can be customized so that the font, font size and colors match your design.
  6. At the end of the session, participants will be redirected to a page of their choice - no longer the Mikogo website.

Order the personalized session login

Since the personalized session login should really be tailored to your needs, we would like to work with you individually. We support you in implementing your design in our personalized session login and in embedding it on your website. This means that you are directly involved in the development and can decide at any point how the integration should look like. Together with our tips on how to get customers excited about the online presentation, you can get started with online advice in the new year.

If you are interested in this personalized session login or would like more information on prices and development, please contact us. We are happily looking forward to hearing from you!