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Percentage in fraction and fraction in percent

You can learn here how to convert percentages into fractions and vice versa. Let's look at this:

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Tip: If you do not understand the following content, you should briefly check your previous knowledge. These would be fractions and percentages.

Explanation: conversion percent and fraction

First of all, it should be clear to everyone that the percentage sign means nothing other than division by 100.

In other words, instead of using the percentage sign, we simply divide by 100.


To convert a number with a percentage sign into a fraction, remove the percentage sign and divide it by 100.

Example 1: Convert percent to fraction

In the first example, the following percentages are to be converted into fractions:

  • 40 percent as a fraction
  • 30 percent as a fraction
  • 15 percent as a fraction
  • 3.3 percent as a fraction
  • 120 percent as a fraction



Examples Conversion from fraction to percent

Converting fraction to percent can be much more difficult. In the simplest case, you have a 100 in the denominator. In this case you can simply go the other way around as in the previous examples.

Example 2: Simple tasks Fraction in percent

Two fractions with 100 in the denominator should simply be converted. To do this, we simply take what is in the counter and write the percentage sign behind it.

Example 3:

It gets more difficult if there is no 100 in the denominator. In this case you should try to expand or reduce the denominator to 100. You can then proceed as in the last example. At 3:10 we expand with 10 to get to 100. At 4:25 we expand with 4 to get to 100 in the denominator. And at 80: 200 we shorten it with 2 to get to 100 in the denominator.

Conversion tasks / exercises


Video fractions

Explanations and examples fractions

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Questions with Fractional and Percent Answers

In this section, we'll look at questions with answers about fractions and percentages.

Q: When is this topic covered in school?

A: Converting fractions to percentages and vice versa is dealt with for the first time in the 6th grade and 7th grade. Of course, the subject is sometimes taken up again in the following grades.

Q: What topics should I look at next?

A: For example, we also have this content for fractions and percentages: