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Work-life balance?

In general, it can be said that we, members of the GSG 9, are not daring loners. This means that many GSG9 members lead normal family lives.

Of course, it happens regularly in our job that we cannot be at home due to assignments or training, although the absences are probably not more frequent than in many other professions that are associated with work / business trips. We live our job and, like every career-conscious and dutiful employee, invest time in our job. However, the private balance in the family is also an important and essential component for us.

Do I have to give up my private life?

Nobody gives up their private life. Here, too, the advice applies that we are not loners.

It goes without saying that our base is in Bonn / Sankt Augustin and, in the future, also in Berlin, so you are moving your center of life to one of these two regions.

The only thing we have to consider is the secrecy, which is important in our profession. We do not disclose anything about missions or under any circumstances talk in detail about our trainings. In addition, each of us has to decide for himself how much we open up to our private circle of friends or not.

Are you available anytime, anywhere with the GSG 9?

No, that is not the case either and would contradict the other answers. We alternately run a 24/7 standby model with uniform strength. Each emergency worker is on standby once or twice a month. During this time, we can leave our base ready for use within an hour.

In order to reconcile family and private life during this time, it is advisable to move the center of life to Bonn and the surrounding area. However, there is no general compulsion to do this.

Can you apply to GSG 9 to wear glasses?

In the past, police officers (PVB) who were wearing glasses could not apply for an aptitude selection procedure (EAV) of the GSG 9.

From now on, PVB can undergo laser surgery with the aim of participating in an EAV of the GSG 9 in order to achieve the required values ​​for the eyes, if this is possible by means of laser surgery. (GSG 9 does not reimburse costs.)

This procedure must have been two years in the past at the time of application, it must have been successful and without any consequential damage.

How are the earnings at GSG 9?

We are paid according to the federal salary law. In addition to the usual police allowances, we also receive a hazard allowance of € 500 and the hours on call are appropriately remunerated.

Are there direct application options for GSG 9 if I am an active soldier in the Bundeswehr?

No, there are no benefits for active soldiers. The principle of completing police training initially applies to everyone. Members of the armed forces can, if necessary, ask recruitment advisors of the federal police whether there are special recruitments for soldiers, but such courses are not common.

These training models can be somewhat shortened in terms of time, for example because not all the basics of shooting theory or other special training content have to be taught.

You can find more information at: www.komm-zur-bundespolizei.de

What are the prerequisites for health suitability?

In order to participate in the aptitude selection process (EAV) of the GSG 9, a positive assessment of health suitability is required in advance. The certificate of suitability must be submitted to GSG 9 at least one week before the start of the EAV. Participation in the EAV is not possible without proven health.

As part of the examination of your GSG 9 suitability, the following values, among others, are determined and checked:

· Sight and hearing

· Lung volume

· Exercise ECG

· Final medical examination

Additional specialist examinations may also be required (e.g. an X-ray check of the spine).

The examination required in each case is carried out by the Police Medical Service (PÄD) or Occupational Medical Service (AMD) of the Federal Police responsible for you. This can be done after submitting the application up to twelve months before participating in the SAB.


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