Is Donald Trump American

Majority of Americans want Trump to be expelled

After the violent attacks by radical Trump supporters on the Capitol, US President Donald Trump threatens a new impeachment procedure. The majority of Americans would welcome Trump's early expulsion from the White House, according to a recent Ipsos poll of 570 US citizens for American television broadcaster ABC News.

According to this, 56 percent of the Americans surveyed are in favor of Trump z. B. to be removed prematurely from the White House through an impeachment process. 94 percent of the Democratic voters find this to be the case; among the supporters of the Republicans, at least 13 percent, as the Statista chart shows.

Even if Joe Biden is sworn in as president on January 20, an impeachment process could have far-reaching consequences for Trump: Among other things, he could not run for political office again and not be a Republican candidate for the US presidency again in 2024 compete.

In the coming days, the Democrats could initiate an impeachment process. In order to be successful, however, they would need at least 66 votes in the Senate. However, the Democrats there currently only have 50 senators. The Ipsos poll shows how much Trump has divided the country. Democratic and Republican voters are also at odds over whether Trump is to blame for the attacks on the Capitol.