What Are Some Good Web Performance Companies

Website usability: How user-friendly is your site?

In addition to these important factors, there are also some criteria that are primarily of a technical nature and should therefore not be ignored. The main thing is that users can use your website as you intended. This includes B. that your texts must be legible. Therefore, on the one hand, choose the right contrast between text and background. Especially when images behind the text are dynamic and change regularly, you need to think about the relationship between the color of the text and the background.

On the other hand, the text size should not be neglected either. Keep in mind that the visitors are in different situations and use different devices: Some are sitting at a desk and looking at a large monitor, while others are lying on the sofa with a tablet. Also make sure that users can really perceive the content. Too many effects cause unwanted distraction and often lead to display errors or long loading times.

Speed ​​is also an important aspect of website usability. Users who don't get the content they want quickly enough will avoid the website in the future, or at least not associate it with a positive feeling. But that is exactly what web usability stands for: a satisfying experience on the website.