How much money is my drawing worth



How good it is to sit in a meadow, listen to the crickets, watch the butterflies, to inhale the scent of the flowers, to admire a tree, to hear the call of the woodpecker and to make wonderful discoveries:

With I faced the challenge for 40 yearsto reorient myself, because Ihad lost me.

But the drawing was still a long way off ...

I loved the outdoors and wanted to create something that shows my love for nature. No more complaining about all the incomprehensible things that people do out of ignorance. No more accepting the role of victim - I now wanted to create, excite and inspire.

Today I am proud of what I have achieved: My works of artdelight and inspire many people, they are a wonderful enrichment and remind of the endless beauty of nature, they are an expression of BEING. Whoever recognizes this beauty tries to protect it, because nobody destroys something that he does loves from the bottom of my heart.

There is always an answerif we want to change something. So my pencil drawings are an insight into the soul of nature and at the same time help to protect it.

My name is Ralf Wilhelm Schmidt, Today I am a freelance artist and only draw pencil drawings up to 2 m in size with a pencil.

But that was not always so:

Not until the age of 40 I started drawing, and believe me, that decision was made then anything but easybut she was important and right! I had a safe and good job as a forester for 20 years, but the security and the mapped out path gradually put me to sleep and demanded their price-20 years had passed quicklyand i felt like i lost something.

Looking for my way

I couldn't implement my ideas in the job at the time and so growth and the associated joy of creating something was almost impossible for me severely frustrated. It's like saying to a tree: Don't grow too fast, you'd better wait, so that you continue to fit in with us! I didn't want to be ruled by the desk of others who understood as little of nature as a rabbit of money.

Maybe tomorrow, would, would, should, one would have to ...Do you also know such excuses?

But life doesn't wait! And do you know trees that spread their glorious crowns, bursting with development and some from afar HOW TO ATTRACT A MAGNET? YES? It is difficult to put into words, but there is an energy, a presence that never let me go: the option of being able to fully develop, or also: HIS WAY CONSISTENTLY to go.

I needed information, quickly and from a well-founded source - one of the reasons why I wrote this e-book about pencil drawings: Information is the key to an inspiring and fulfilling life today!