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E-sports | Well-known e-athlete breaks off career because of obsessive-compulsive disorder

E-sports can get very stressful. Tournaments are about expensive prize money and prestige. This pressure can get on your nerves. The successful e-athlete PawN is now drawing conclusions from this and is announcing his retirement from e-sports.

Heo "PawN" Won-seokwho is a big name in League of Legends esports surprisingly his resignation announced, as the page Korizon reports.

In a Facebook posthe sends farewell words to the team and fans (in Korean).

Translated into German it says there:

"Hello, this is Heo" PawN "Won-seok. I'm sorry it took me so long to make this statement. I'm sorry for the Kingzone DragonX coaches, for the players and for the fans who trust me and worked with me in 2019. All I can say is sorry, had to take a break because of an OCD.

The disruption caught me in 2018 and I couldn't play the game if it wasn't set up exactly the way I wanted it to. I went to therapy, went to clinics and nothing worked. I thought about quitting, but gave it another chance at the 2018 Season World Championship. I thought I had found a lineup to work with. I thought everything was okay. I started playing for Kingzone DragonX and had no problems until the summer season. I didn't think the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder would affect me again. I was a burden for the team and the fans. I'm sorry. I don't think I'll keep playing as a professional gamer. I thank every fan who has supported me so far. "

PawN won the KeSPA Cup 2017 and the LCK 2018 Summer and took several second places. But he was remembered for his performance in 2014, where he also took first place with the Samsung team.

It's a shame about the talent, but health always comes first. But how would you have decided? On the one hand there is a brilliant career as a professional gamer, on the other hand a health problem. Write us your opinion in the comments.

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