How do I contact Uber by phone

Customer service Uber - this is how you establish contact

Would you like to book a trip as a guest through the service provider Uber or do you have a question about a trip that has already taken place? Then you'll need to contact Uber customer service. Here we show you how you can contact Uber's customer service.

Uber is a American service company, which offers brokerage services for passenger transport worldwide. The platform is freely accessible both for passengers and for drivers who want to offer passenger transport. Because it no hotline for customer service you have to contact customer service via detours.

Everyone wants a ride like this:

This is how you reach customer service

Uber initially offers a so-calledIn-app support at. You just have to go to the tab in the app "Trips" Click and select the relevant journey for which there are questions. For example, if you've left something in the car and want to contact the driver, you can go to the tab"Contact the driver about a lost item" click. In this case, Uber makes an anonymous phone call to the driver and you can clarify the matter directly with the driver without involving customer service. A big advantage of in-app support is compliance with data protection.

About flat rates - what is it?

Alternatively, you have the option Overto be reached via your browser.There you have the opportunity to find answers to frequently asked questions. If your concern is not already listed, you can ask your question directly to Uber customer service. Within 24 hours you should get an answer.

You can also use Uber via the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. The customer service is very active, especially on Twitter, and responds to incoming inquiries within a short time.

Tip:No matter what your concern is, always try to communicate with customer service as politely and professionally as possible. After all, the employees want to help you in the best possible way and usually cannot help you with your problem.

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