Why don't F1 cars have brake lights?

New Formula 1 taillights 2019: that's behind it!

(Motorsport-Total.com) - Many viewers in front of the television screens during the Formula 1 test drives in 2019 were surprised why the new cars now have three taillights at the rear. This is new this season. Until now, every vehicle was only equipped with one rear light, but this season there has been a triple version of it. This should further increase security.


In 2019 there will be two additional rear lights on the rear wing end plates Zoom

According to Article 14.5 of the Technical Regulations, Formula 1 cars must have three rear lights: one in the center of the rear at the familiar position, and two more slightly higher on the two rear wing end plates. All lights must be easy to operate by the driver from the car and must always be clearly visible to the person behind.

They are mainly used in rainy conditions. Article 22.12 of the sporting regulations stipulates that they must always light up red when a driver is riding on intermediates or rain tires.

The race management can even force drivers into the pits if the rear lights in the car are not working properly. Once the function is restored, the driver can then go back to the track.

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For some years now, it has been observed again and again that the light flashes in certain situations. This is always the case when the car switches to a kind of fuel-saving mode and automatically at least 120 kW less power is generated within one second. The following drivers should be warned of a significant loss of performance by the vehicle in front.

This safety feature is implemented in the software of the unit electronics. By the way: if a driver releases the accelerator earlier, the red light does not flash. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that the competitor is not exactly behind him when he takes off the accelerator.


Good to see: Alexander Albon's rear glowed greenZoom during the test drives

Anyone who followed the test drives should have noticed a special case. The three stern lights on Alexander Albons Toro Rosso were always green. This is mandatory if a driver is on the road without a valid super license. At that time, the Thai was not officially in possession of one. So that's not an issue during the season.