Donald Trump is a Putin monk

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Trump can't

On the superficial level, umbrellas may only appear as useful accessories. However, the fact that they are essential if you want to withstand heavy showers without getting your feet wet, they are omnipresent, although usually almost inconspicuous. Umbrellas have been photobombing themselves recently in the media and show that an umbrella should always be chosen with care. Donald Trump, who almost misused a stick umbrella to keep his hairstyle in its distinctive shape when boarding the presidential machine, proved this. His companions were certainly aware that even the best umbrella would not be able to save this hair, so Trump carried the umbrella himself without further ado.

But if the American president had only placed more emphasis on the quality of his umbrella! Despite rampant rumbling, Trump was not in control of the umbrella. He refused to join Air Force One with Trump. So POTUS threw the umbrella on the gangway and got on without hair protection. The umbrella had successfully won this fight and prevailed against Trump. In honor of this and many other umbrellas, Umbrella Day was celebrated again at the weekend - Umbrella for president!

Donald Trump, on the other hand, would certainly have got along better with a more appropriate umbrella, for example the FARE 4-Kids children's umbrella. Its handle is predestined for small presidential hands, and it is particularly easy to use. In addition, with the FARE 4-Kids children's model, one hand would always be free for tweets to be sent quickly. #trumprella.

Despite Trump's resistance to advice, a new umbrella is recommended to the President, also for visual reasons. More or less an umbrella instead of a blow dryer. Umbrellas from FARE are available in many colors, a rich orange would certainly go best with Donald Trump. #OrangeIsTheNewBlack.

Putin: Show of power with an umbrella

Not only Trump, but also the Russian head of state already attracted attention with his own umbrella gate. When a downpour hit the same during the World Cup in Russia, Putin immediately worried about his hairstyle. As soon as the first drop hit Putin's shirt collar, a companion with an umbrella was there to protect the Russian president. And only him. Neither the Croatian President Grabar-Kitatrovic nor the French head of state Emmanuel Macron were asked by Putin under his rain cover. But he didn't have a guest umbrella with a 133 cm diameter such as the Fibermatic XL Vent. In any case, Putin knew why he was taking up the space under the umbrella: The television screen revealed that every umbrella is more HD-ready than a wet Vladimir Putin. Especially if it were attractive promotional umbrellas from FARE.

As essential as umbrellas are in everyone's everyday life, they are also practical as advertising media. Whether with a large print or with a simple logo on the handle: Anyone who has ever fled a shower will be happy about an umbrella as a promotional gift.

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