How does Latino feel about Donald Trump?

US election 2020: Why Trump can score with the Latinos of all places

The world is excited about the election in the USA - and experiences many surprises in the process. Not only is the head-to-head race of candidates exciting, but also the distribution of voters. An overview:

Voter turnout: Voter turnout in the US is traditionally rather low. A trend of this presidential election was all the more astonishing: 66.9 percent of the people voted, according to the United States Elections Project. Four years ago things looked different - at that time the turnout was 59.2 percent. Even Barack Obama, the first black president, was only able to draw 57.1 percent of the electorate in his first election in 2008. For comparison: In Germany, the turnout in the last federal election was 76.2 percent. Any citizen aged 18 or over who is registered to vote and has no criminal record is entitled to vote in the USA.


Against socialism, against abortion

Latinos: They are a group in the country that is becoming increasingly important for politics because of their sheer size. Since the 1970s, the population of Latinos in the United States has increased six-fold. More than 13 percent of all eligible voters are of Hispanic descent. They now outperform both African Americans (12.5 percent) and Asians (4.7 percent). Latinos are traditionally close to the Democrats - but a change has been evident since 2016. The proportion of those who vote for Republicans is growing. Although President Donald Trump repeatedly raised the mood against immigrants and had a fence built on the border with Mexico, the Latinos even helped him to a victory in Florida. Paradox? Only at first sight. The families who immigrated from Cuba in particular look with horror at their socialist-ruled homeland.

Trump fueled fear of the specter of "socialism" that would loom along with Biden in the USA. The Cubans in exile also accuse the Democrats of having initiated a cuddle course towards Havana under Barack Obama - which Trump finally revised again. Other people with Latin American roots traditionally represent conservative values: They are vehement opponents of liberal abortion laws, against same-sex marriages, but devout Catholics and evangelicals. The economic successes that Trump can boast are also important to these people - the reason they left their homeland is often the desire for a better life.


Black: They are something of a guarantee for the Democrats. 87 percent of African Americans voted for Biden - and yet a slow shift is noticeable here too. Clinton could still be sure of 89 percent of the black votes. Barack Obama even received the votes of 95 percent of black men and 96 percent of black women. American pollster John Zogby insists that African American Trump voters were mostly men. Overall, 18 percent of black men would have voted for Donald Trump, he explains. One reason for this may have been Trump's statement that his judicial reform led to the release of numerous black prisoners.

In addition, several black hip-hop stars had campaigned for Trump - apparently their support of the incumbent president also convinced their fans. According to the pollster, there is something else that explains the mood of black men: the economic argument. “Some black male voters have stated that they are doing better economically than they used to be. And that they had Trump to thank for that. ”The Democrat Barack Obama was the great hope of the black community - but he was unable to improve their economic and social situation.

The younger voters are, the more likely they are to vote for the Democrats

Boy: More than 60 percent of the first-time voters voted for Joe Biden. They are the mainstay of the Democrats - the younger the voters, the more likely they are to vote for the Democratic Party. Unlike in previous elections, this time many of the boys also wanted to cast their votes. Just like in Germany, the voter turnout of the older generation has so far been significantly higher in the USA than that of the younger generation. The average age of a registered voter is 50, according to Pew Research - in 1996 it was 44 years.

Women: He is considered a chauvinist, sexually assault - and yet Donald Trump is elected to a high percentage of women. At least 40 percent of women voted for him in this presidential election. That may not be an overwhelming majority - but it was more than many would expect. In his campaign, the president targeted women in the suburbs - this middle class group is more likely to vote than men. Already the polls before the election indicated that this time they would cast their vote to Trump even more often than in 2016. It was mostly white women who voted for president. The black women stand in sharp contrast to this. With an overwhelming majority they side with Joe Biden - but overall they make up a much smaller group of voters than white women.


City Country: Republicans as a party for the rural population? At least with regard to the electorate, this is not the case. Biden has grown significantly in the rural areas and in the suburbs - although he was unable to overtake Trump. 45 percent of the rural population voted for the Democrat and 54 percent for the Republican. "Trump secured his rural base, and he built on it," says pollster Zogby. At the same time, as expected, Biden scored in the cities. Overall, around twelve million more people voted this time than in 2016. “And the interesting thing is that you can't say that more voters from the city or from the country took part. These new voters came from both sectors, ”says Zogby. Thus, neither of the two candidates has a particular advantage compared to 2016.

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