Airtel will be closed launches the revolutionary AudiencePro platform; Airtel becomes the first telecommunications contract partner

Mumbai, India, Jan. 28 / PRNewswire / -, a leading global mobile ad network, today announced the launch of AudiencePro [ -telco-partner]. This is a new type of platform with which the entire mobile network system for telecom providers, advertisers, publishers and app developers can be changed. With this introduction, will be the first ad network in the world in which the size and target group of are combined with telecommunications companies in order to provide advertisers with previously unknown options for targeting a target group.



Via the AudiencePro platform, advertisers can target an audience that is defined by demographic data, available income, use of networks, place of residence, content relevance and device-specific information. This is how you reach the desired target group. With the AudiencePro platform, advertisers will be able to address subscribers of mobile networks with highly relevant advertising, which will be displayed via a variety of innovative sources from the network. This also includes more than 20,000 apps that are operated with the new AppWrapper technology. Target-oriented advertising is thus possible to an extent that has never existed before. The platform supports all creative formats including rich media formats such as full-screen ads, video and interactive HTLM5 advertising.

At the same time, the first partnership with a telecommunications company is announced. Vserv has signed a contract with Airtel, the third largest telecommunications operator based on the number of subscribers. The CEO and co-founder of, Dippak Khurana, commented on the introduction: "AudiencePro is the world's first platform that combines the services of mobile ad networks with reliable user data from telecommunications companies in order to provide advertisers with a previously unknown level of targeting After the revolutionary monetization platform AppWrapper, this is our second technology that can create new conditions. It opens up huge revenue opportunities in the entire mobile communication system. Based on our knowledge of and our presence in growth markets, we are already at the To deploy the AudiencePro platform with partners around the world. " was founded in 2010 and is an innovative pioneer in the field of mobile advertising. The company's goal is to become the number 1 mobile advertising network in growth markets. The groundbreaking AppWrapper technology supports one-click revenue generation from apps for over 20,000 apps on different operating systems. AppWrapper is the world's easiest way to generate revenue with apps? ' it enables premium models for advertising and innovative pricing for each app without any programming effort and with just one click. The AppWrapper platform now has the ability to activate premium advertising using AudiencePro with just one click. received the MMA Smarties 2012 Award as "Media Company of the Year" and the Red Herring Top 100 Award.

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