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P. Ravi Shankar - P. Buckley Moss

(1966-11-28) November 28, 1966 (age 53)
other names Armuga Ravi
Bommali Ravi Shankar
Sai Ravi
Kempegowda Ravi Shankar
job Actor, voice actor, writer, director
Years active 1986 - today
Spouse Suchil Pudipeddi
children 1
parents P. J. Sarma (father)
Krishna Jyothi (mother)
relative Sai Kumar (brother)
Ayyappa P. Sharma (brother)
Aadi (nephew)

Pudipeddi Ravi Shankar (born November 28, 1966), also known as Sai Ravi , is an Indian film actor, voice actor, director and writer. He became known with the 2011 film Kempe Gowda with Sudeep. He mainly stars in Kannada films and has also appeared in a number of Telugu and Tamil films. He dubbed over 3500 films with over 1000 films each in Telugu and Tamil. He has dubbed over 150 Kannada films.

He is the brother of the actor Saikumar Pudipeddi. He has won nine state Nandi Awards for Best Male Dubbing Actor and two Tamil Nadu State Film Awards for Best Male Dubbing Actor. He made his directorial debut in 2004 with the Kannada film Durgi. He has also worked as a dialogue writer and has written dialogue for over 75 Telugu films and 150 Tamil films. He also worked as a replay singer for Telugu films such as Rakta Charitra and Bejawada. He won his first Filmfare Award for his performance in the film Kempe Gowda, which gave him a long hiatus in his acting career.

Personal life

Pudipeddi grew up as a child in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Ravi's mother Krishna Jyothy Pudipeddi is a Telugu actress who worked with Kannada thespian Dr. Rajkumar and others has collaborated in films such as Sri Krishna Garudi, Makkala Rajya and others. Pudipeddi's father, Pudipeddi Jogeswara Sharma, was also an actor and voice actor and worked in many films from Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. His older brother Pudipeddi Sai Kumar entered the film industry as a voice actor and later became an actor in Kannada. He is married to a Punjabi woman, Suchil Pudipeddi, and the couple have a son named Adhvey Pudipeddi. Ravishankar is ready to start Adhvey as a hero in his own directorial film in Kannada.


P. Ravi Shankar made his film debut in 1986 as a leading actor in R. Narayana Murthy's film Aalochinchandi. He later appeared in supporting roles in films such as Madhura Nagarilo and Keechurallu. With no further offers, Ravi took a break from acting and re-entered as the villain in 2001 with Gopi Chand's debut film Tholi Valapu. The lack of success in his acting career forced him to pursue dubbing as a profession like his father and brother. He began dubbing professionally with the Telugu film Rowdyism Zindabad, where he dubbed for the Tamil actor Mohan Raj. He continued to dub for many character artists from other languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Raghuvaran, Mohan Raj, Devaraj, Charan Raj, Captain Raju, Nassar, Ashish Vidyarthi, Prakash Raj, Ashutosh Rana, Sonu Sood, Mukesh Rishi, Upendra and Pradeep Rawat etc. He dubbed over 4000 Films with more than 1000 films each in Telugu and Tamil and over 150 films in Kannada. In 2004 he made a Kannada film called Durgi with Malashri. The film was later filmed in Telugu as Narasimhudu with N. T. Rama Rao Jr., Ameesha Patel, and Sameera Reddy. Ravi provided the story for the film directed by B. Gopal. The film was heavily criticized and bombed at the box office.

His dubbing work in the 2009 film Arundhati, in which he spoke for Sonu Sood, was praised in a Retrospective on Idlebrain. He won a Nandi Prize for his performance and has been referred to by the media as "Bommali Ravi Shankar".

On a recent Kannada television show called Weekend with Ramesh on the Zee Kannada Channel, Ravishankar said that even after a very successful career in dubbing, he was extremely frustrated with his and his mother's dream of becoming a successful actor and that he had to wait up to 25 years for this to happen. The biggest break in his career was when he portrayed the character of a criminal named "Armuga" in the 2011 mega blockbuster hit Kannada film Kempe Gowda with actor Sudeep. The film became so popular that Ravishankar was therefore called "Kempegowda Ravishankar" or "Arumugam Ravishankar" and it became a household name in Karnataka. In addition to receiving widespread critical acclaim, his performance won his Dream Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor - Kannada at the 59th Filmfare Awards South. Ravi Shankar went on to say that his mother has not seen his success since she passed away in 2006.

Ravi Shankar became a busy supporting actor in the Kannada film industry after Kempe Gowda and became a household name in Karnataka. He then starred in films such as Manikya, Dandupalya, Adhyaksha, Charulatha, Bachchan, Edegarike, Varadanayaka and others. He has also been in Telugu films such as Kurradu and Happy Happy Gaa, as well as in Tamil films such as Vettaikaaran and Kollaikaran.

to see. Popularity in Kannada and fans

After the very successful Kempe Gowda, who gave Ravishankar a major break in his career, he starred in over 50 Kannada films in just 5 years and became one of the busiest and most sought-after actors in Kannada. Since then, he has appeared in many super hit Kannada films. His popularity in Karnataka grew so much that he became a household name in the state. Ravishankar is greeted with whistles and claps by his Kannada fans in every film.

It is very common for fans to create "Fans Associations" for movie stars. Ravishankar's popularity as a supporting actor in Kannada grew to the extent that he has many fan associations across Karnataka. Fans crowd to his home in Bengaluru on his birthdays, as is the case with a great hero. One of his largest fan associations in Bengaluru is called "Akhila Karnataka Sakalakalavallabha Ravishankar Abhimanigala Sangha".

Ravishankar said on the recent Zee Kannada show, Weekend with Ramesh, it was all his mother's time dream and 25 year old dream of one day becoming a successful actor and that his mother is not here now to see my success. He went on to say that even after Arundhati he was extremely frustrated not being able to become a popular actor, and he said that Karnataka is a state that has fulfilled his dream and that it is always committed to the state and will always give the Kannada industry first preference. He also said: "Telugu may be my mother tongue, but Kannada is the language of my life and I will proudly call myself Kannadiga."

He had also revealed that his first Kannada film was Halli Krishna Delhi Radha. and his second Kannada film was Mana Mecchida Sose. His 50th film was Jigarthanda.

Ravishankar appeared in the dance sequence for the song "Allah, Allah, Nataraja Bartaanalla" for the film Nataraja Service. This song, which tells about the protagonist of the film Nataraja (Sharan), went viral long before it was released.


In 1999 he won his first Nandi Award for best male voice actor for Ram Gopal Varma's Prema Katha. He dubbed Manoj Bajpai in the film. He won his second Nandi Award in 2002 for Chiranjeevi Indra, dubbing for Mukesh Rishi. His next Nandi Award was in 2004 for his dubbing in S. S. Rajamouli Sye. He dubbed Pradeep Rawat in the film. From 2006 to 2009 he won four consecutive Nandi Awards for the films Pokiri, Athidhi, Arundhati and Anjaneyulu. He also won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Male Dubbing Artist for his dubbing for Ashish Vidyarthi in the 2001 film Dhill.

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