How often do you dye your hair

Good to know: bleaching and co. Are no longer as harmful as they used to be. Most hairdressers have gentle colors that you can use. They don't smell as chemically as they did a few years ago. It is always a good thing to ensure that the color does not damage your hair structure and possibly dry out your hair an Olaplex treatment to choose. This takes care of your hair directly and makes it super supple despite fresh coloring. In addition, hairdressers use good conditioners, which also ensure that your hair absorbs the color well and well.

How often can you dye?

But how often can you let color on your hair without it becoming brittle and without even having to use scissors at the end? Small disappointment: Unfortunately, you can't say that across the board because it depends too much on the individual hair structure. Did you You can often dye thick, healthy hair again after three to four weeks, while girls with thinner, damaged hair should wait a little longer. You can of course dye the approach after a month.

When bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, you should take long breaks between dyeing. Because that's about the meanest thing you can do to your hair. Color pigments and moisture are removed from the hair and attack it incredibly hard. After that it is a matter of caring for, caring for, caring for. Especially when you are about to grow your hair long. Short-haired people have a little less problems because their hair is cut regularly anyway and any dry or split ends quickly disappear.

Pick up paint at home?

You should be careful when coloring yourself. Of course it is tempting if you can dye cheaply and easily from home. But especially if you do not have that much experience with it, you should trust the professional and spend a few euros more at the hairdresser. Should you still want to use the color yourself, make sure that it also contains care substances and that you may already have experience reports from friends or acquaintances. Not that you end up with a nasty surprise or even have to wear a strange color on your head. Fixing this can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive!

What is actually possible in a day?

Too blatant color experiments, for example from dark-haired to light gray, are usually not possible in a single day, but require a little patience. So don't let fairy tales tell you if you want a presentable and long-term result. Here the professional certainly needs two to three sessions. Incidentally, the following basically applies: A permanent coloration is of course more harmful than a tint. Because it penetrates directly into the hair structure and can often attack it as a result.


In order to beautiful your hair and not to burden your entire head, highlights are a good alternative to coloration. Not only are they less harmful, they also often appear more natural. In addition, there are now natural henna hair colors that are practically non-polluting and enable quick color adventures.