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Michael Jackson's solo career began in the early 1970s.

"Ben" is Michael Jackson's first number one hit without his sibling, the Jackson Five. The song is about friendship. It says: "Ben, neither of us need to look any further. We have found what we were looking for. With you as a friend, I will never be alone again. And you will see, my friend, I will always be your friend . " Michael Jackson was just 14 years old when he moved millions of people to tears with this song.

A killer rat for a friend

However, many record buyers don't even know who this good friend "Ben" is. And the record company doesn't like to talk about it either, because Ben is a killer rat! Ben is the animal star in the 1971 horror film "Willard". In it, the shy teenager Willard starts a terrible campaign of revenge with the help of trained rats. The sequel comes in 1972. Again the leader rat "Ben" is part of the game, again there are fatal attacks on the people.

Michael Jackson on the way to becoming a world star

But "Ben" also befriends the sick boy Danny and protects him from nasty classmates. And Michael Jackson sings to it. The heartwarming song is arguably the best in the whole film - it definitely won a Golden Globe and was even nominated for an Oscar. And Michael Jackson's rise to global star, King Of Pop, is unstoppable.


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"Billy Jean"

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"Earth Song"

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