What are the best innovative products

Excellent smart and innovative products

Revolutionary in every respect: smart and innovative products honored in the Red Dot Award

Revolutionary. These are the products that were honored in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 in the new meta categories "Smart Products" and "Innovative Products". The winners of both groups have proven that their designs are groundbreaking for entire industries. By exploring new possibilities, solving existing problems and going beyond the traditional limits of design, they shape our future and ensure an increase in our quality of life. The winners of the meta categories will be honored for this outstanding achievement on the last day of the Red Dot Design Week.

Progressive but different

The award-winning products are united by their outstanding design quality and their progressive approach. And yet their distinguishing features are clear: Smart products are part of a comprehensive system. Their purpose is determined by the collection and processing of data. In addition, they master the complex interaction between people and technology. Innovative products, on the other hand, are characterized by a decisive redesign. This can range from technical optimizations and differently conceived forms to the use of original materials to a new type of use. The objects set new standards and form the basis for fundamental changes in an industry.

Two-part evaluation process

The introduction of the new meta-categories brought some innovations to the evaluation process: All registered products were initially assessed holistically by the jurors. Criteria such as aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, durability and product peripherals played an important role. In a second round, the products that were registered in the new product groups were evaluated with regard to more specific aspects. While the focus of smart products was on interaction design, networking and the system as a whole, the experts focused on the degree of innovation and its implementation in the case of innovative designs.

Gordon Bruce, Prof. Dr. Ken Nah and Hideshi Hamaguchi evaluating Apple products

Hideshi Hamaguchi during the judging

Prof. Axel Thallemer, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz and Prof. Dr. Yuri Nazarov at the jury session

Robot technology was also tested and evaluated by the experts

A total of 83 of the products submitted received awards for their innovative properties

Interactive and networked: the best smart product

A total of 24 smart products were recognized as such by the jury. Only one of them was able to win the highest distinction of the Red Dot Award: Product Design: the iPhone 11 Pro from Apple. The advanced technologies of the smartphone not only convince the Red Dot jury, but also consumers worldwide. Equipped with a powerful A13 Bionic chip, which has a special 64-bit fusion architecture, the device can handle complex tasks quickly and efficiently. Nevertheless, the energy consumption is astonishingly low, because the further developed graphics processor contributes to an extended battery life. The new 3-camera system is also completely convincing: whether selfie videos in slow motion, 4K videos or zoomed in photos in the dark - the new 12 MP true depth camera guarantees outstanding results. The Smart HDR function also uses machine learning to recognize faces and intelligently changes the exposure.

Completely rethought: the best innovative products

In 2020, a total of 83 products were recognized for their innovative properties. Six of them received a Red Dot: Best of the Best, with Apple being represented a total of three times with the Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR and AirPods Pro. The American company has emerged from the competition as a pioneer in terms of innovation. The “Mac Pro” computer impresses with its extraordinary performance, which is integrated into a removable aluminum housing and a special space frame. It offers demanding users a completely new way of working. The corresponding monitor from Apple also impressed the jury: "The innovative Pro Display XDR offers pin-sharp, detailed image reproduction on its 31" retina 6K display in a remarkable resolution of 218 ppi. The precise control of the background lighting using advanced LED technology, light shaping and intelligent image processing ensures lifelike images. The design with the visually distinctive grid pattern on the back and the elegant base perfectly combines technology, shape and functionality. ”The AirPods Pro from Apple impressed the jury with their active noise suppression, high-quality immersive sound and individually adaptable shape.

The multifunctional “Smart Fence”, manufactured by AITAA system and designed by Ondřej Tichý, is one of the other winners of the highest award in the competition. It consists of large modules that are equipped with tilting elements. If necessary, they can either be converted into tables, benches or plant pots. The “mini bar” from ENGELTECH is just as useful for your own home. This enables an inconspicuous transition from the floor to the wall thanks to a patented clip system. The “gita” transport robot from Piaggio Fast Forward, on the other hand, is not used at home, but on the go. It can carry loads of up to 20 kg and follows its user at every turn. It can be operated using just two buttons.

The multifunctional “Smart Fence” received a Red Dot in 2020: Best of the Best

The finishing strip “mini bar” also received the highest award

The “gita” transport robot was also awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best

Smart and innovative products in the online exhibition

The Red Dot online exhibition presents all of this year's winners. Those interested in design will not only find out more about smart products and innovative designs, but also about the winners of the other 49 categories. These range from robot technology and kitchen appliances to vehicles and medical technology and thus cover the entire spectrum. The excellent design quality of the objects is illustrated by means of detailed descriptions, the judges' comments and high-quality images. The presentation thus gives an overview of the current status and trends in product design.