How can we rent cars in Bangalore

Luxury rent Bangalore

Why choose luxury rental car class?

When planning trips, tourists determine the amount of money needed to stay in Bangalore for 10-14 days. This is the average travel length, but even for 1 month it is impossible to see and visit all the attractions in Bangalore. If you want to visit at least the main attractions of Bangalore, you will need a lot of time.

Time plays a big role in every trip. Luxury cars are designed in such a way that the traveler feels comfortable at any time of the day on any road and in any weather. Renting a luxury car may seem unnecessary to some, but if you've been away for several days, you want to be safe and comfortable when traveling. Cool air conditioning, soft seats, a comfortable dashboard, high quality sound from the speakers and a wide view from the window make your trip a real flight on a premium aircraft. And it also has long had low prices and great popularity in the United States.

Why luxury car quality is important for travel

Today dozens of car rental companies offer many high-end car models. The most popular companies in the upgraded category are Chrysler and Buick, and sometimes you can see Toyota models while looking for a suitable car. Why do many customers choose the luxury category for a rental car? This is a very reliable, fast and economical way to get around Bangalore. Despite the fact that it is 30-40% more expensive than the standard category of cars, you still spend less money than using public transport and taxis.

How to rent a luxury car in Bangalore

If you are planning your trip and have already set your arrival dates, now is the time to book a car for rent. Pre-rentals not only offer you a guaranteed selected vehicle class, but also save money. Some companies may increase the rental price for a few days as many customers want to take advantage of this. Choose the right car for CARNGO in just 5 minutes. All you need to do is indicate the arrival date, the place of receipt of the vehicle (you can also return the car at a different location) and the number of rental days.

If you order a car for a few days, you will receive a discount. You can also order a car during your trip. CARNGO is a convenient service for tourists, so you can get rental cars not only at the airport but also in other parts of the city and in our offices. Registration of the rental agreement is quick and all you need is a passport and part of the payment for the rental.

The cost of renting a luxury car in Bangalore business

The price of using a rental car does not only depend on the category of the model. It also depends on the length of the rental, the type of fuel payment, the number of additional drivers and the age of the main driver. The average cost to rent a luxury car in Bangalore is $ 89.99 to $ 109.99 per day. If you rent a car for 3-4 days the price is reduced by about 5% per day, and if you rent for 7 or more days the price can decrease by 7-10% or more depending on the rental period. You can also order additional services and equipment for your trip by rental car:

  • additional driver;
  • GPS navigator;
  • Child seat;
  • Child seat;
  • Ski rack.

Luxury car rental rules

The rules of all car rental companies stipulate the start of the rental and the return of cars at the agreed time. If you received the car at 9 a.m. and returned it at 10 a.m. the next day, you will have to pay an additional day's rent (some companies only provide penalties for delaying the return). The mileage (the number of miles allowed for travel) is unlimited. However, you must select the fuel payment method to use a rental car:

  • Pick up with an empty tank and return with a full tank (this is convenient in large cities as you buy gasoline at a low price)
  • Pick up with a full tank and return with an empty tank (you have to leave a deposit or pay for the use of the car in advance)
  • Pick up and return half empty
  • Pick up half full and return empty

For any type of fuel payment you will need to make a deposit from your bank card, which will be refunded after the end of the rental. You must have insurance for a rental car. It costs up to $ 14.99 and will compensate for vehicle damage or collision. You can also get full insurance that provides compensation for all types of damage and accidents, as well as compensation for property, driver and passengers in the car. Additional insurance costs up to $ 19.99 and is offered to you at the time you order the car.

Luxury lease

Signing a contract is mandatory for renting a car, even if you only need it for a few hours. In fact, this is the document that confirms the completion of the transaction, that the renter has taken the car, paid the money for it and is now safe to use it. These documents describe in detail both the rights of both parties and their obligations. Any high-quality company is sure to take a close look at the contract, read everything necessary before signing it and, if necessary, even explain the unclear details that you are in doubt about. Signing such a contract, regardless of the duration of operation, but the terms may vary. For example, if you use the machine for a long time, the rental can conclude an open-ended contract. Suddenly you decide to use this machine later.

Restriction in the age of the driver

Luxury cars take at least 21 years to convince the company of the skills and responsibility of the customer. To get a car, you must have an accessible driving category in your driver's license and have at least 1 year of experience. There is an additional $ 45 fee for young drivers ages 21-24 for this vehicle class. This is necessary to get full insurance for a young driver and passengers in the event of a collision or property or health damage. The fee does not decrease if you rent a car for an extended period of time, and this amount includes 14% of the state tax.

To take advantage of the option of additional drivers, they must be at least 21 years old and pay a fee of USD 45 to the insurance company's budget. In order to use a rented luxury car, you not only need to have all permits, documents and commissions, you also need to be sure that you are driving. Remember that you are driving an expensive car and it is necessary for added comfort rather than high speed driving. Obey the traffic rules and familiarize yourself with the traffic rules for each state you plan to travel to.

Additional features of the luxury car class

Premium cars are not only used for independent travel in Bangalore. You can also rent a luxury car to hold important business meetings and chat with partners. High quality rental cars are widely used by politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and other famous people. Many people around the world trust the quality of CARNGO services and contact us when planning their trips. Why are luxury cars a popular service for large numbers of people?

  • Cars like Chrysler, Dodge and Toyota are global brands and are of high quality in every detail. You can sit comfortably in the car, turn on your favorite music and enjoy the ride.
  • CARNGO offers the lowest prices on luxury rentals in Bangalore. In companies with international transfer, security, and protection, these cars cost from $ 250 to rent, but you can make a business-class trip a lot cheaper. In fact, it's not much more expensive than using public transport and taxis;
  • Renting a car allows you to plan your trip yourself and forget about the bus schedule, taxi applications, as well as the trains and the subway. With luxury cars, you'll never be late for an important meeting or flight. Each of the 286 horsepower in the Chrysler 300 promises you that.

Try high quality now

Car rental is relevant for most customers when their own car is not within range. For example, it broke and is waiting for a long time. However, you cannot cancel all of your trips, and traveling on public transport is difficult and inconvenient for you. Such cases and make people rent a luxury car. This is especially true for people who do business. Lots of business trips on the subway can damage your image and appearance. In addition, it is much more profitable than driving around in a taxi all day.

An excellent solution for emergency situations is also renting luxury cars. For example, if a company needs to meet a senior investor who is obviously used to luxury and convenience, you can rent a Chrysler 300, the name of which evokes a sense of comfort and reliability. For two or three trips around the city there is no point in buying a car like this, but it would be very convenient to rent it from CARNGO. We wish you pleasant excursions!