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Bungalow, shampoo, jungle or punch are very common words in German. Did you know these words are from Hindi? Hindi is the main language in India or the north and center of the Indian world. Hindi is also spoken in Guyana and Suriname, although it is gradually disappearing. Originating from Prakrit, an ancient Indian language, Hindi has made its way to second place among the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world and is behind Chinese, ahead of Spanish and English. This fact also makes translations into and from Hindi increasingly important. If you also need a professional translation from Hindi or vice versa, then you've come to the right place. We only employ native speaker translation professionals who have a perfect command of the language. In addition to training as a translator, our employees also have relevant knowledge in various specialist areas. In this way, we always find the right Hindi translator for your documents, which you can easily test at any time.

Hindi and Urdu

Hindi is spoken as a mother tongue by more than five hundred million people around the world. Alongside English, it is the official language in India and is therefore learned as a second language. About 190 million people use Hindi as a second or foreign language that they learned in school. Hindi contains many Sanskrit book words, but its grammar is very different from the ancient Indian languages ​​Sanskrit and Pali. Hindi is written in Dewanagari and it is a language full of local dialects. There is a so-called twin language to Hindi: Urdu. If two people are talking in Urdu and Hindi, they can understand each other without any problems. And yet there are differences: Urdu has a large number of Arabic and Persian words and is also written with Arabic characters. The name Hindi originally came about through merchants and ambassadors who used it in northern India to refer to the language spoken there. Hindi arose after the turn of the tenth century. Do you have business or private documents that you would like to have translated into Hindi or vice versa, contact our project managers and let them advise you. We are guaranteed to find the right Hindi translator for your projects.

Hindi nowadays

Of course, like any living language, Hindi has changed over the years. Especially after India's independence, the language experienced a modernization, which mainly took place in the form of standardizations. The language consists of 46 phonemes, which can be divided into vowels, plosives and nasals. In contrast to the traditional Indian languages, Hindi only has 3 cases. Interestingly, the verb forms are always at the end of the sentence and the tendency is towards compound verb forms with two or more auxiliary verbs. Missing cases are compensated for by the use of various prepositions and with all these changes, Hindi is no longer an inflectional language. It is currently the official language of the Indian Union and is therefore the connecting means of communication. The popularity of Hindi is currently also increasing in Europe, which is not least due to the Bollywood films. Translations into and from this language are also increasingly in demand. If you have any questions about Hindi or would like to commission us with a Hindi translation, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. You are also welcome to send us the text for your Hindi translation directly using the contact form.

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