A pair always means two

Since or are? Difference, rule and motto

since as a preposition or conjunction

We have it atsince andare With different parts of speech to do that in the sentence accordingly a different function take in.

since you can depending on function either as preposition or as conjunction use.

since as a preposition

Do you want one time or one Period of time state in your sentence, you use since as preposition.

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since I study for a long time for class work.

Peter speaks since yesterday only from you.

since so is one temporal (based on time) preposition. She always calls for the dative.

since as a conjunction

With since as conjunctionconnect you Words, phrases or sentence parts together. Like as a preposition, expresses the conjunction sinceLikewisetemporality out.

Often you can then instead of the conjunction since also since deploy.

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since you don't come to school anymore, I'm bored.

(Since you don't come to school anymore, I'm bored.)

He always writes better grades since he regularly goes to tutoring.

(He always writes better grades, since he regularly goes to tutoring.)

since as a preposition is used to indicate aPoint in time or onePeriod of time. Used as conjunction, expresses since temporality and connects words, groups of words or parts of sentences with one another.

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Motto: Since you use time. (bet = Timet. The t stands for Tense or Time.)

Are as a verb

Are is a inflectedverb and comes from the Basic form be. It's in the 2nd person plural Present Indicative.






1st personIamweare
2nd personyouareyouare
3rd personhe she itisyouare

Dip the word arein your sentence, the personal pronoun is also often used you nearby.

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Areyou already in school?

yourare Hopefully well prepared.

But it can also happen that the Personal pronounsyou in the sentence is missing. Then your sentence is one Imperative clause (Prompt phrase). Here, too, the verb is in the 2nd person plural and refers to you.

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Are reassured, the class work was good!

Are please calm down!

Are is the 2nd person plural of the verb be and refers to therefore always on you.

Memo about the difference between sich and seit

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Motto:Arethe verb, remember, always refers to you.

You now know how you do since and are distinguish. Check your knowledge and solve the tasks. Have fun!