Do the people have the government they deserve


When Joseph Marie de Maistre argued that every people had the government they deserved, the world was still a long way from today's democracies. The year was 1811. The Prince of Wales and later King George IV took over royal power in Great Britain after his father George III. because of a long mental illness could no longer lead the official business. As part of the Napoleonic Wars, French troops won the Battle of Gévora near Badajoz and a British-Portuguese army under Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington defeated a French army under Marshal André Masséna. The Berlin Police Regulations created the first criminal police in Germany and in Austria the general civil code was promulgated, which was to apply from the beginning of 1812.

Against this warlike and absolutist background, de Maistre's sentence almost sounds a bit sarcastic, because what could you do other than go to the barricades? But this is exactly what de Maistre included in his statement: You have to fight for values ​​and your own convictions - if you have to, with a weapon in hand.

Today we are far from that, at least in a figurative sense. Hardly any Central European can imagine having to enforce or even protect his interests by force of arms.

But geographically speaking, Ukraine, with its civil war-like conditions, is not that far away.

The world is full of wars that are not about conquering territories, but about political supremacy.

But even if we are overwhelmed by a wave of refugees, we Central Europeans cannot imagine fighting for political convictions with gun in hand. Most of them hate even a demonstration or they feel too much; it costs overcoming and maybe the job or even more.

Future killer disinterest

The politically active, the professional politicians and the so-called elites know very well about this political sluggishness and use it to their advantage. As Jean-Claude Juncker said: "We decide something, then put it in the room and wait a while to see what happens. If there is no great shouting and no uprisings, because most of them don't even understand what was decided there, then we carry on - step by step, until there is no turning back. "

Unfortunately, this happens more and more often because people let themselves be lulled more and more. Personal comfort and standard of living are more important than social well-being. Protest takes place at the regulars' table or on the Internet. But when it comes to risking the job, the car or even the half-dead house, then protests are over. Then what is served politically is swallowed meekly.

It happens more and more often that people no longer even notice that they should swallow something because the toads are served well packaged. This goes hand in hand with appealing entertainment that distracts people so effectively that they are less concerned with social problems because there is neither time nor interest left. The permanent sprinkling of ready-made opinions also dulls a people slowly and almost unnoticed. Some things are no longer noticed at all - or at some point they are accepted without contradiction. You get used to common opinions and conditions.

How many people complain about the TTIP agreement, BER airport or other grievances. But how many would really take part in a general strike for this? How many people would risk their prosperity to force another policy, another government, by crippling the country until the abusers give in?

The keyword Solidarnosc shows that even in totalitarian societies it is possible to achieve a goal. Lech Walesa, one of the leaders of the movement, made it from electrician to president in Poland. He took on many things that other people fear. But he managed to lead Poland from a real socialist to a democratic market economy country.

You can get the government you want if you fight for it. However, if people are not ready to do so, then a people will actually get the government it deserves. One that uses every human weakness of the people for its own advantage, one that is nothing too shabby to enforce its own interests and for it lies and deceives its own people to the end of the line. If the people put up with all this, then such a government really deserves it, because the government is ultimately only the political-social mirror that the people hold up to themselves. The people choose their government - and those who are politically uninterested are ruled by people who are very interested in politics and who know how to use the opportunities for their personal interests.