Should I move or stay?

Move or stay?

I'm going to put that in the office hours because it also affects family planning and there are a lot of parents here. If it does belong in the "Living" forum, please postpone it.

So we currently have the following situation:
My husband and I are expecting our first child at the end of the year.

About the living situation:
We currently live in an extremely central location in a very expensive city. I love the location (because of restaurants, cafes, etc.), but it also has disadvantages (garages extremely expensive, very cramped, etc.). The main sticking point, however, is that we live on the 5th floor without a lift. That is certainly not ideal with a baby. But strollers can be left in the closed (and covered) courtyard.

Now my husband and I have recently bought an apartment building in the country. A couple with a child lives downstairs, upstairs was empty and we have just renovated it (floor, etc.). Now we were looking for a tenant and despite the garden and the attractive location of the village (40km to the said city, near the lake, infrastructure and train available), we only found 4 interested parties through the agent.
The candidates are not bad, but they all have a catch.

=> For this reason we are considering moving in ourselves, because we wanted to register our own needs in 3-5 years anyway.


  • We don't have to throw anyone out in 3-5 years and we have no risk of rent default.
  • In summer our city apartment is very hot and in the country we would have a garden
  • Professionally, it was easy to commute both for me and for my husband. Mainly because he has several options locally anyway and, in addition to his current place of work, could theoretically get a job near our (new) house
  • Our parents both live nearby and could babysit


  • currently about 80% of our friends live in the big city
  • my sister also live in town and have also offered to work as a babysitter
  • At that time we had searched for a very long time to find this apartment and I would give up this situation with a crying eye
  • If I would develop professionally, 85% of these positions would be in another city (because the company headquarters there). This would be even more difficult to reach from the country (approx. 1.5 hours by car) than from our current city apartment (approx. 50 minutes by car). That means the move restricts my job more or less.
  • we want to renovate the house on a large scale, possibly even with a different room layout / extension, etc. That means we might have to move out again for a few months in 3-5 years if we don't want to live in a construction site. Or the current tenants would of course also be affected, as their rooms might also be affected.
    The major renovation is currently out of the question, at most a "light" variant, so that we would of course equip the unrenovated apartment with new floors / bathrooms & kitchen etc. and possibly have a fireplace and a few other "little things".

Sodala. That would be our situation. What would you do?
PS: Please do not quote, as the whole thing is very detailed and I may shorten it a little in a few weeks.