What are the goals of idealism


Intuition and feeling is the mixture that results in the idealist (melancholic). They look into people's hearts, seek deep friendships and interact with others. You live people-centered. As an idealist you are in a lifelong process of becoming. You are looking for a special being, you want to have a distinctive, special identity. So you are looking for a destination. This is different from the other three temperaments. These have a purpose. Since the other guys have a goal and see it as natural, they don't quite understand you as an idealist because you are looking for a goal. It is said that Woodstock was a gigantic idealist festival that was increasingly "disrupted" by the massive arrival of hunters. Idealists are very afraid of classification. They are afraid of being lost in the crowd. everywhere you look for signs of your own meaning. They are therefore full of passion to be creative. They love to give something special to other people. They love to stand by and help ordinary people. They like to give advice. You are loving and diplomatic, have a unique intuition for people you simply trust. You don't have to argue about human matters or sort out reasons for behavior. You know feeling. As an idealist, you live in the future where the desired goal is waiting. They live in the possible, not so much in the real. You are romantic and enthusiastic. When you meet new meaning, you can change direction on the spot, which can make you colorful people. We sometimes see you as a butterfly. Idealists have a diplomatic intelligence.

Idealists look for self-actualization, identity and integrity in their work. If your job can't offer you this, you will often feel guilty as you come to believe that your real self is less important than it should be.

The idealist (about every eighth person) wants to play important roles and wants his contributions to be recognized. The idealists strive for perfection especially in their work (the perfect work of art, play, novel, film, relationship). Working with people is more important to idealists than to any other temperament.

Table of Contents
  • 1 your strengths
  • 2 your weaknesses
  • 3 industries
  • 4 types of idealists

  • Her strengths
  • Personal and charismatic dealings with others
  • You are empathetic and understanding
  • They are caring, enthusiastic, and articulate
  • All activities that give you the opportunity to find yourself will suit you
  • You focus your attention on the needs of others and you bring out others' strengths

  • Your weaknesses
  • Work in all commercial and scientific professions
  • You have a tendency to expend yourself listening and showing appreciation to others (you spend a significant amount of your time on other people's priorities)
  • You run the risk of trying to please everyone at the same time

  • Industry sectors
    The industries dominated by people with your temperament:
  • Development Assistance
  • Teaching position
  • church
  • Public relations / communication departments
  • human resources

  • Types of idealists
  • Master ENFP
  • Teacher ENFJ
  • Healer INFP
  • Consultant INFJ