Is Ronaldo statistically better than Messi

Statistics show: That's why Messi is better than CR7

The question of faith as to who is the best football player in the world has been dividing the football world for years. While Cristiano Ronaldo has been eagerly collecting arguments on his own behalf in the past, the balance of power is likely to have straightened out after Lionel Messi's renewed gala performance at yesterday's Champions League semi-finals.

The 3-0 home win of FC Barcelona against FC Liverpool was a bit too high given the course of the game, but in the end 'La Pulga' once again made the difference. In the middle of an urge phase of the Reds, the five-time world footballer initiated his goal to make it 2-0 himself brilliantly and dusted off after a crossbar hit by Luis Suarez.

Lionel Messi once again made the difference on Wednesday evening

However, the 31-year-old only played his true masterpiece seven minutes later with his directly converted free-kick goal. Around ten minutes before the end of the game, loud Messi shouts rang out again through the ecstatic Camp Nou. The magic that the Argentine exudes when handling the round leather can hardly be put into words. But even a sober look at his statistics is speechless.

The high-end technician broke several records with his double against the Reds. In 33 games in the premier league against English clubs, Messi scored an unbelievable 26 stalls and is thus the personified horror of all clubs from the Premier League. In general, no player has been able to score more hits against clubs from a particular country.

His hit rate against the top clubs from the island is really absurd when you consider that even the goal machine CR7 has so far not scored against top English clubs. Mind you, the Portuguese goalkeeper also includes his appearances in the English league, where he had been chasing goals for Manchester United for six years.

Allusions by his eternal rival, who signed on with Juventus Turin last summer at his third international top club, according to which Messi only works for the Catalans, simply roll off the 129-time Argentine international in view of these figures.

Anyway, a circle came full circle for the Barca star against Liverpool. He scored his 600th competitive match exactly 14 years to the day after his first goal for Blaugrana. The football genius only needed 683 games for this.

In the all-time list of goalscorers in the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo is still clearly ahead with 126 goals, but with twelve goals in the current season, Messi is on the heels of his rivals and only has to catch up with 14 goals. One must not forget that the Barca professional is three years younger.