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10 advantages of flyer advertising: This is why distributing the flyer can be worthwhile for companies

Flyers and handouts are among the advertising classics and are real all-rounders among marketing tools. Even in the age of the Internet, they are still very popular. The compact handouts are ideal for conveying any advertising message briefly and concisely - be it for

  • to market a new product,
  • promote the opening of a branch,
  • to announce a discount campaign,
  • to invite you to an event,
  • refer to an online portal or
  • to create an incentive to buy in the form of a voucher.

There are hardly any limits to the possibilities and creativity in flyer advertising. It is precisely for this reason that it is characterized by numerous advantages:

1. Inexpensive: Flyers do not cost a lot of money and are easy to finance even in small print runs. For this reason, they can also be optimally used for repetitive actions. In addition, because of their inexpensive production costs, the losses are not too great if they accidentally miss their target group.

2. Versatile: Flyer advertising is versatile. It can be used for a wide variety of advertising campaigns and can be used in any industry. Flyers are used by both small businesses and large corporations. In addition, even associations and offices can benefit from the efficient advertising media.

3. Practical: Flyers have the advantage that they are more manageable than catalogs and brochures. Interested parties can find all the important information at a glance on the handouts. In addition, flyers are also useful in the age of the internet. All information is available at any time at a later point in time and can be read at any location.

4. Handy: The handy format of flyers is another plus point. They can be stowed quickly and easily in the bag or backpack and filed or passed on to other people as required.

5. Informative: Promotional information can be brought to the point through flyer advertising. It is a popular read and invites the reader to learn more about an offer - be it by visiting your store or by requesting your product catalog.

6. Simply designed: The design of flyers is simple and straightforward, without the need for in-depth graphic design skills. There are basically no limits to creativity. You alone decide according to your personal taste how the flyer should look for your company.

7. Flexible: Distributing flyers works everywhere. They can be thrown in letter boxes, placed as an insert in newspapers and magazines, sent by post, or displayed in your own shop. Of course, they can also be distributed personally to recipients.

8. Attention-grabbing: Since it usually contains little text and many pictures, flyer advertising immediately attracts the attention of potential customers. The straightforward and accurate sentences in combination with meaningful images encourage the reader to act and ideally induce him to buy immediately.

9. Accurate: Another positive aspect of flyer marketing is the relatively high accuracy. The desired target group can be actively addressed at any time in order to communicate the desired advertising message quickly and achieve a quick effect. With the help of target group advertising, flyers can also be selectively delivered.

10. Produced quickly: Sometimes things have to be done quickly and there is no time for a sophisticated advertising plan. Since flyers can be produced extremely quickly, they are also an excellent marketing tool for night-and-fog campaigns to quickly draw attention to something.


So that you ultimately benefit from the numerous advantages of flyer advertising, it is important to pay close attention to quality when designing your flyers. Lovelessly designed advertising messages on cheap paper are simply drowned in the daily flood of advertising offers and end up in the trash. It is important that a flyer hits the bull's eye straight away in order to attract the attention of potential customers. And our tip for an advertising test, place your flyer between other advertising materials and give the package to a test person to leaf through. If this person still remembers the message of their flyer afterwards, there is a chance that the individually designed flyer "works".