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India: â € œThe Gateway of Indiaâ € â € “An internship at the law firm Luetkehaus Consultancy Services in Bombay

I catch my first glimpse of Bombay from the plane floating in at night. A sea of ​​lights that doesn't seem to end. I quickly become aware of the dimensions of this city. Almost 30 million people promise crowds and chaos, but also an unusual density of new impressions. As the largest city and economic metropolis, Bombay reflects the contradictions and contradictions of India in a particularly intense way. There are the modern office towers at Nariman Point, the dazzling film industry of Bollywood and the busy atmosphere of downtown. In between, however, you can see crippled beggars rummaging in the garbage and extended families sleeping on the sidewalk at night. This conflict continues in the rapid economic development of the subcontinent. High tech, especially in the computer industry and in plant engineering, meets a deep religious awareness of tradition. From my point of view it was particularly fascinating to see how such a traditional cultural state deals with the challenges of the Internet age.

In this regard, the collaboration in the office of Luetkehaus Consultancy Services (LCS), which is centrally located in the old business center of Bombay, offered interesting insights. The German managing directors Dr. Isabell and Christian Lütkehaus are lawyers. You concentrate on providing economic advice to German companies that want to invest in India. This enabled me to thoroughly familiarize myself with Indian common law, which is heavily influenced by English law. The drafting of contracts, which was somewhat neglected during training, also offered an interesting field of activity. Of course, it was helpful that, despite all the current nationalist tendencies (this is what Bombay is now officially called Mumbai), English is the only language spoken in business life. Economically interested lawyers also have the option of executing and supporting cross-border investments, which is mainly practiced by LCS. B. in the form of a joint venture, from founding to administration (accounting, taxes, etc.) to liquidation. The three German and four Indian colleagues took a lot of time to answer my questions and helped to clear up the many puzzles of everyday life in India outside of work.

You can get to know the fascinating foreign culture in Bombay and on excursions. The â € œGateway of Indiaâ € rises at the harbor, the splendid 1911 for the English king George V. built a lobby as a landmark of the city from the water. Bombay is still the ideal starting point from which to explore the vast subcontinent in all its indescribable diversity. Because of the many unfamiliar impressions that rained down on me as a newcomer, I was initially happy to go on a discovery tour with other interns and trainees. You get to know fellow campaigners quickly, as the telephone numbers of other apprenticeships are available in the office. As one of the few Indian cities, Bombay has a lively nightlife. Here, too, you can quickly find out where it is worth drinking and dancing. Anyone who has already eaten Indian and Chinese in Germany will feel particularly at home in Bombay. The costs for eating, going out and other free time are low. Rents are expensive in Bombay. It is therefore helpful that LCS can arrange an affordable room in advance on request that has air conditioning, which is very pleasant, especially in the period before the monsoons. I lived in a house with several international interns right next to Chowpatty Beach, a popular evening meeting place for Indians.

A stay in Bombay requires curiosity about a foreign, sometimes alienating culture. A little thirst for adventure is rewarded with an insight into how a fascinating, multi-faceted society works. In legal terms, I got to know an interesting international area of ​​responsibility that does not always follow the well-trodden paths. After my time in Bombay, I returned to Germany with a changed perception, an enormously expanded horizon of experience and the feeling that I had made some new friends. Anyone interested in a traineeship or an internship at LCS should get in touch early Dr. Isabell Lütkehaus at the following address:

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