What is the most popular water bottle

Most beautiful drinking water bottle

The design "water is life" won the design competition by BDEW and soulbottles for a new soulbottle. The French designer Clara Gilod won over the community and jury with her design.

The glass bottles from soulbottles with the award-winning design are now going into production. This gives drinking water an attractive and climate-neutral glass bottle from soulbottles that is produced in Germany.

Water in all its diversity

In a design competition open to all, BDEW and the start-up company soulbottles were looking for the most popular water motif for the BDEW glass bottle from soulbottles. The most popular motifs were determined in a public vote on the interactive voting platform from over 100 motifs submitted by artists and designers.

The new water motif comes from Clara Gilod. Born in France, she lives and works as a freelance designer in Berlin. With her mostly colorful illustrations she wants to communicate social and political messages. You can find more about her work on Instagram and on the graphic artist's website.

Your motif "water is life" shows water in all its diversity. If you want to find out more about the new bottle design now and don't want to wait for the finished bottles, you will find an all-round view on the contest page.

Fair and climate neutral

With the glass bottle from soulbottles, which is produced fairly and climate-neutrally in Germany, drinking water has an aesthetic and sustainable packaging and can be ideally used in everyday life.

The bottles will be available from November at wvgw Wirtschafts- und Verlagsgesellschaft Gas und Wasser at https://shop.wvgw.de/311357. It is also possible to have the company logo printed on the bottles from a quantity of 200 pieces.

More social acceptance for drinking water

The form in which the water from the tap is offered is of great importance to many consumers: the packaging makes it all. This is a result of the “Basic Psychological Study on Drinking Water” commissioned by the BDEW in 2019.

The social acceptance and presentability of drinking water is often significantly influenced by the form in which it is presented. Offered in an attractive and high-quality glass bottle or beautiful glasses, water is also gaining greater acceptance among guests.

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