Why make your own breakfast

Gold heart Coffee, breakfast & lunch with a lot of love

Hamburg is sinking in continuous rain, but the sun is shining for us today. Because we started our day at Café Goldherz in Uhlenhorst and had breakfast with saffron latte, salmon bagel, date and walnut scrambled eggs and apple and cinnamon pancakes. Come to Shani's ‘pretty newcomer and leave the bad weather behind you!

A newbie in Uhlenhorst

Last year Shanis made a decision: after running several restaurants and bars, she finally wanted to do her own thing. She scrolled through eBay classifieds to find a suitable location and ended up in: Uhlenhorst. Today, just a few months later, people are almost queuing to have breakfast with her on Hartwicusstrasse. No wonder, because the woman from Hamburg and her two siblings put so much love and passion into their café that it is always worth a visit - and it definitely deserves the title Goldherz.

Great design, breakfast menu too

Shanis has not only put together a menu that you would like to order up and down, but also designed a 1A design concept. In the gold heart you will find yourself between gold, velvet and dark, muted colors. We make ourselves comfortable in one of the cozy sitting areas, lean against the large window front. You can actually see the canal perfectly from here, but now we only have eyes for Shani's breakfast creations. Incidentally, they are available here all day long! We study and through bowls, bagels and egg specialties and order three dishes in front of so many decision-making struggles.

We make almost everything ourselves: hummus, cream cheese, jams, granola, bread - and we buy the rest from the Hamburg area. You can just taste it!

Shanis from Café Goldherz

Time for breakfast

We are currently sipping our honest iced tea, where café owners like Shanis can help determine which social projects part of the proceeds should be donated to when two full plates end up in front of us.

The bagel is so huge and thick that we feel like we're in New York for a moment. If it weren't for the juicy scrambled eggs with dates, feta and walnuts that beam us to the Middle East in terms of taste. A trip to the Golden Heart is definitely a small culinary trip around the world, because Shanis and her siblings let the experiences of their many trips flow into their café.


Scrambled eggs, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, dates, walnuts, toasted country bread

Heart leaf
Bagel with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese and homemade beetroot hummus

Candy apple
Pancakes with caramelized apples, cinnamon and sugar

Saffron latte
Hot milk with ground saffron, mmhh!

As you can see, Goldherz has tons of vegetarian and even vegan dishes. And Shanis even has gluten-free alternatives for granola and bread. Tip top, right?

It still goes on!

After these two hearty delicacies, we're ready for something sweet - more precisely a pancake with caramelized apples, cinnamon and sugar. So simple, but sooo good! Shanis recommends a saffron latte for this and is immediately there with her small mortar, with which she grinds the precious threads. The three siblings have Iranian roots and therefore particularly like to cook with oriental spices.

The result is impressive: bright yellow, frothy and garnished with a small dried flower, the saffron latte stands in front of us, a little later we have already completely plastered it. Mmhh!

Ingredients from the region

The fact that it tastes so delicious at Goldherz is not only due to the passion that Shanis and their two siblings put into the dishes. The trio do almost everything themselves - from hummus to bread. The remaining ingredients are bought in organic quality and in the region if possible. “You can just taste it, fruit from the old country, milk from the Reitbrook dairy and organic eggs are so much tastier!” Shanis tells us. She is right.

Their coffee also comes from Hamburg: the Röstlich Coffee Brothers have specially created a coffee blend that is only available at Café Goldherz.


In addition to excellent coffee and all kinds of goodies, Goldherz also offers free WiFi and lots of power outlets.

See you in summer!

We are now almost bursting with happiness and breakfast goodies. The golden heart has filled every corner and we are clearing our table for the next hungry foodies. But that wasn't our last time! Shanis, we will definitely be back - in summer at the latest, when you open your terrace for after-work drinks with a view of the Canal!