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Gustavo "Gus" Fring

Gustavo Fring

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Unknown. Probably in the late 1950s to early 1960s.

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The chicken man
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Los Pollos Hermanos co-founder, entrepreneur, philanthropist, drug lord (earlier)

Gustavo "Gus" Fring is a thoughtful, experienced businessman and owner of the Los Pollos Hermanos fast food restaurant in the series "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul". He is part of "Breaking Bad" from the second season, where he comes into contact with Walter White as a drug dealer. He has been successfully selling drugs in the American Southwest for 20 years and has never been caught because he always keeps a low profile, so hardly anyone knows his real face. In "Better Call Saul", which is set a few years before the events of "Breaking Bad", the paths of Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut will cross from season three.


background information

Little is known about Gus' past other than that he was originally thought to be from Chile. He was supposed to have emigrated to Mexico during the Pinochet regime in 1986, and a few years later, in 1989, he received an entry visa to the United States ("Hermanos"). While Gus is a Chilean national, Hank Schrader mentions that there are no records that he ever lived there - that is, there are no records of his life prior to 1986. Gus explains this by saying that General's government Augusto Pinochet "guilty of a great crime of many sins: primarily his human rights violations, but it was also notoriously unreliable to keep records" ("Hermanos"). Mike reassures Gus that if he can't find out anything about him before he emigrated from Mexico to the United States (1989), the DEA is unlikely to do too. The only thing currently known about the secret of Gus' backstory in Chile is that it has something to do with the Pinochet government. Gus also claims to have children, although they have never been seen and no one has been revealed in his family life. It is also suggested that Fring is using an alias, as Hank himself speculated.

In the late 1980s, Gus and his partner, a gifted chemist named Maximino Arciniega, started a chain of Los Pollos Hermanos restaurants in Mexico. They developed a premium strain of meth under the guise of the burgeoning chicken restaurant business. In hopes of partnering with the Mexican cartel, they have linked the foot soldiers of its main character, Don Eladio Vuente, with samples of their product. Gus and Max want Eladio to diversify his Colombian cocaine distribution operation with a self-made product, the production of which he controls and the profits of which he does not have to pass on to a supplier. But Eladio finds her approach less clever and more disrespectful; They produced drugs on his territory and maneuvered him to a meeting.

When his henchman, Hector "Tio" Salamanca, shoots Maximino in the head as punishment for this insolence, Eladio tells Gustavo that the only reason he's still alive is "because I know who you are. But I understand. They are no more in Chile "- an allusion that suggests that Don Eladio knows about Gustavo's still mysterious Chilean past.

Gus later emigrated to the United States, where he founded his network with additional locations in Los Pollos Hermanos. He also established a chemistry scholarship at the University of New Mexico on Max's name. At some point in his career, Gus promoted an association with a German conglomerate called Madrigal Electromotive GmbH.

He eventually formed an uncomfortable alliance with the cartel when they finally decided to get into the meth business. Despite doing business in New Mexico for nearly 20 years, anyone suspected his involvement in criminal activity until shortly before his death. He conducted his business with the utmost caution and never treated drug addicts or those whom he considered irrational or badly judged. This was due in large part to his established role as a legitimate Albuquerque businessman.

Gus lived in a typical suburban area and played the role of a socially conscious philanthropist. His loved ones knew nothing of his real business activities; it would be easy to assume that he had simply spent his days running his restaurants and attending events and banquets. He offered a reward for the information about Hank Schrader's assassination. He also sat on the board of at least one Albuquerque hospital.

Better Call Saul

season 3

When he learns of Mike Ehrmantraut's revenge against Hector, Gus secretly warns Nacho Varga of Mike's intention to murder his employer. He also instructs one of his men to place a tracking device in Mike's car to ensure his presence at all times. As a warning to Mike, Gus' agent purposely blows Mike's cover when he tries, annoying Mike at Hector and forcing a branch against Mike's car before leaving a note on the windshield that simply reads, "NOT." ("Click"), ("Mabel")

Mike discovers the hidden tracking devices and uses his own device to bring the agent back to Los Pollos Hermanos. The next morning he lets Jimmy McGill go to the restaurant to watch the courier. Jimmy does but sees nothing suspicious. When the courier gives up his trash and leaves, Jimmy gets stuck and tries to dig through the trash can. Gus greets Jimmy and digs through the trash can to retrieve his lost watch. When Jimmy drives away, Gus is collecting trash outside and looking up knowingly, which suggests that he has figured out the ruse. ("Witness")

Accompanied by his minions Victor and Tyrus Kitt, Gus arranges a remote meeting with Mike. Gus, who previously prevented Mike's attempt to assassinate Hector Salamanca, explains that he doesn't want Salamanca to die at this point. However, Gus encourages Mike to hit one of Hector's trucks. Mike, realizing that Hector is one of Gus' competitors, accepts the suggestion. Gus refers Mike to Barry Goodman, a doctor on his payroll in Mexico who delivers cocaine that Mike puts on a truck heading for the Mexican border. When the cocaine is discovered by a police dog, the drivers are arrested. ("Sunk costs")

Hector gives Don Eladio his tribute, but is humiliated when Gus pays a significantly larger tribute to Juan Bolsa, which Don Eladio brings in favor and ridicule towards Hector. Hector confronts Gus in Los Pollos Hermanos and tries to threaten him to use his trucks to move his drugs after police shut down his main smuggling route. Gus sends Mike payments for his services, but Mike refuses. ("Sabrosito")

As part of Gus 'agreement with Hector, Gus' men hand over some of his smuggled drugs to Nacho, who insists on taking another package than what was agreed. Gus orders his henchmen to allow Nacho to take the extra portion while he tracks down a commercial laundry with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. ("From Brand")

Mike approaches Gus for help laundering the remaining $ 200,000 he stole from Hector so that it can be left to his family. Gus agrees and warns Mike the process will be difficult and both men shake hands. ("Underpants")

Gus and Victor meet with Hector, Nacho and Arturo in a remote location where Juan Bolsa announces through Hector that Don Eladio is happy with their new "consolidated transport method" for transporting drugs across the border and that the system works like this. Well, from now on everything is only transported via the Gus distribution network. The angry Hector forcibly tosses the phone on the table and breaks it, while Gus humbly tries to reassure Hector that he doesn't want to take on that responsibility. Then Hector's heart problems arise when he takes nacho's skewer pills, which surprisingly have no obvious effect. Hector then curses Gus, Juan, and Eladio before leaving with Arturo and a disappointed Nacho. ("Falling")

During a meeting between Hector, Gus and Bolsa. Bolsa reminds Hector that it is under Don Eladio's orders that all smuggling operations be done by Gus, which infuriates Hector and causes a heart attack that has to take him to the hospital. In the chaos, Nacho is able to switch back Hector's counterfeit drugs with his real pills, but Gus looks at him suspiciously. ("Lantern")

Breaking Bad

season 2

When Walter and Jesse need a new sales partner after Badger's arrest, Combo's murder and Skinny Pete's exit, their attorney, Saul Goodman, arranges a meeting with Gus for them. However, Jesse appears high and late at "Los Pollos Hermanos", the meeting point that has been arranged, which prompts Gus not to reveal himself as a precaution.

A little later, Walter learns from Saul that Gus is not ready to work with them and then returns to the restaurant. When Walter finally realizes that the owner of the diner must be Saul's nameless businessman, he speaks to him directly about it. This is initially ignorant, but Walter does not give up and demands a second chance. Gus finally gives him to understand that he will not do business with someone who acts as carelessly as Walter and works with a drug addict. Walter then replies that he trusts Jesse and that his flawless goods would be for sale at any time if Gus should change his mind. In the end, despite his reservations, Gus actually buys Walter's entire meth supply for 1.2 million.

Gus Fring's unconditional prudence in dealing with drug deals is also expressed in the fact that, as a financial sponsor of the DEA, he always keeps an eye on the enemy. During a visit to the DEA unit in Albuquerque, he not only receives valuable information about the current status of the investigation, but also meets Walter's brother-in-law, Hank, and learns from him that Walter has lung cancer.

season 3

When Gus asks Walter to go to his restaurant again, he tells him that he has decided to get out of the drug business because his family is more important to him. Nevertheless, Gus makes him an offer and promises him three million dollars for three months of his time. Walter hesitates at first, but ultimately declines with thanks

Season 4

He was killed by a wheelchair bomb in the hospital by Hector and lost half of his face in the process.