What happens if we join the Illuminati


MP Daniela Holzinger-Vogtenhuber, BA (NOW): Madam President! Dear colleagues! Dear fellow citizens! Dear Minister of Justice! If we look at what has happened in this country since the internal ÖVP putsch and the demolition of the last government by Sebastian Kurz, then one is actually left with sheer amazement.

It all started with one of the dirtiest election campaigns of the Second Republic, in which the ÖVP calculated and deliberately broke the campaign cost restriction and thus a law of this republic.

And it went on: Let us remember the tapping scandal that the FPÖ made public at the time, in which ex-Vice Chancellor Strache found an old leased line in the plenary and believed that it was the great bugging attack by the Illuminati - actually an interesting prelude when you remember what else has come next.

In the further course it continued: there was a night-and-fog attack on the protection of the Constitution. It continued with the de facto termination of the social partnership and, in order to continue, the dismantling of workers' rights - we have already discussed this today - cheating in state-related areas - current investigations are ongoing - and the restructuring of social security, including the establishment of turquoise -blue decision-making authority against the majority of the insured. One could - or actually must - speak of the fact that there is an end to self-administration in this area.

Then there were turquoise celebrations, family celebrations at the expense of the taxpayers. Yes, and finally - to come back to the bugging attack - the actual bugging took place, namely on Ibiza. This had actually happened a long time ago, because it actually happened before the 2017 election, and the trap itself had been laid for a long time and prepared accordingly - by people who understood their trade, by backers who on the one hand had the necessary capital and on the other hand, who planned this secret service operation for months, and from backers who must also have had an insane great interest in being able to blackmail and control the FPÖ in the next step.

Today we still don't know who it was, we only know one thing for sure: They were definitely not left-wing activists or, as they are often called by the right, the do-gooders of this country - no, because they had this video before the Outward choice played so that this social cutback program cannot come about that we have seen over the past two years.

But I would like to connect Sebastian Kurz to the last two years in this government. It then comes to an email affair, of course, documents would presumably prove that Sebastian Kurz and the ÖVP were not as surprised by the Ibiza video as they were. Nobody has seen these documents up to this point, but it has been alleged that they were forged, quite clearly. Nobody saw them, but they would prove that insights had taken place before and that there was already knowledge of how Ibiza came about. But: Nobody saw them, and they were accordingly declared untrue and labeled as fakes.

It is very clear, however, that there was something else that was not a fake, which we could all see together, namely the video on which a senior ÖVP employee of the Chancellery can be seen under a false name, visibly nervous and without Paying the bill, shredding five hard drives, several times, and then taking the crumbs with you. We were able to see all of this with our own eyes.

The ÖVP declared a few days later that this is a completely normal process, as it is apparently common in Austria. (Abg. Steinacker: The Chancellor confirmed that, colleague!) - Really, is something like that common in Austria now? Is that the good tone in Austria? So if I want to have the Federal Chancellery's printer hard drives shredded, then a completely normal process at the Federal Chancellery could also be to call Reisswolf and say: Yes, Reisswolf, you, we have a couple of printer hard drives to shred again, come over! Tuesday is great, yes, of course, please send the invoice to Sebastian Kurz! (Interjection from the Abg. Prince.) - None of that happened, in no way happened! As I understand it, this is anything but a normal process that we could see on this video.

Yeah, and we're still not done. A lot has happened in the last two years: the donation scandals suddenly broke in like a flood over the Austrian, the new People's Party. During the 2017 election campaign, Kurz said on television - we have it on video and you are very welcome to check it out - that he would obviously have something to hide if he did not make donations transparent. Yes, and today? - Today we know that large donors have pieced millions of dollars by the way of the Court of Auditors.

And that goes even further: Kurz also announced that it was mainly small and very small donors who would finance and support the ÖVP, the new people's party. Yes, and today we know that 98 percent of the donations came from billionaires and millionaires.

So, to summarize perhaps: Out in the country one would say that the ÖVP management level is simply lying. All we can say in this House is that untruth has clearly come to light here.

And what prompts us now - I would like to join you in this, Mr Justice Minister - what prompts us now to believe that this two-year sphere of activity and the dates that are another planned breach of a law, namely the one in which the election campaign cost limit is set, through which the ÖVP would prove that they are now falsified?

In your remarks, you did not go into the accounting and whether the accounting data, as has already been announced several times, has been removed, changed and replanted. The public prosecutor's office does not investigate this. This means that you have not responded to the urgent inquiry with any of the allegations that are in the room that they are falsified data and not the original booking receipts from the Austrian People's Party. In other words, it could just as well be that the People's Party is doing exactly what it did in the 2017 election campaign, namely the planned and deliberate breach of Austrian laws, i.e. exceeding the upper limit for election campaign costs.

In the response to the query, there was also not a word to the following question: Can you rule out that it was perhaps not a hacker attack, but a mole or a false flag attack, a pretense? (Abg. Haubner: You weren't paying attention!) Can it be ruled out that it was not just a data leak, as you said, but a mole or a false flag attack? I would ask you to give a very specific answer to that, because I believe that the answer to this urgent question left a great many questions unanswered. (Abg. Wöginger: It was brilliant!)

Much has not yet been clarified, but one thing is as clear as day: millionaires are not benevolent, they don't go and say: Yeah, look, Sebastian and Gernot look so bad, I'm donating a few million now! (Abg. Wöginger: The first part of the sentence was already wrong! They don't look bad!) No, millionaires who invest want to see something for their investment. First they want to see their investment implemented in the form of laws and then in the form of euros - and that is exactly what is happening in this republic.

I want to help change something and I really would like the people of this country to put an end to this bought policy, once and for all! - Many Thanks. (Applause from NOW.)


President Doris Bures: The next to speak is Mr Karl Nehammer. - You're welcome. (Abg. Wöginger - in the direction of NOW -: The Röhrl was torn apart again today!)