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Why an MTE?

Because she is right for you.

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How about a demonstration machine? Or do you need a new machine very quickly? Then do not hesitate to contact us! Our team of experts will be happy to help you!

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Your machine, your team.

Welcome to our website!

We invite you: Get an idea of ​​MTE, our machines and our extraordinary qualities. But we would like to reveal one thing in advance: You won't see the most important thing at first glance: our team spirit and our concentrated expertise. Because both together ensure that your MTE is more than an excellent machine. She is also your team. Because at MTE we all have our know-how behind you as a customer.

Our location in Montabaur

MTE has its roots in Spain. In Germany we offer you maximum service, advice and customer proximity. But we are not an importer or dealer of MTE machines. We are a manufacturer of sophisticated bed milling machines and traveling column milling machines. As such, we meet all your requirements. It starts with technically sound advice. It continues with the fast supply of spare parts from our customer and service center in Montabaur. Up to your own milling head workshop, a service hotline and a service fleet that can be with you quickly. We are happy to offer you the development and construction of special milling heads and more. In short: In Montabaur you get everything you need in the course of a machine's life.

What makes a milling machine an MTE?

For example me - and all my colleagues.

Because behind every MTE there is more than reliable and precise technology. Also more than an excellent price-performance ratio. How we in the entire team always find the perfect solution for every machine - that exactly suits you. That is why your MTE is also your team of experienced MTE specialists.

Judith Ajubita, with MTE since 2008