How much does the iPad 2

iPad 2: Prices and release date for Germany are fixed

Apple announced the prices for the new iPad 2. The new tablet PC is available from 479 euros - and therefore cheaper than the first iPad when it was launched.

The sales start of the iPad 2 in Germany remains on March 25, 2011. Apple confirmed the date in a press release on Tuesday and published the prices for the iPad 2 at the same time. It had previously been speculated that the global market launch of the iPad 2 could be delayed because of the great demand in the USA.

IPad 2 prices rise with memory equipment

The WLAN version of the iPad 2 costs 479 euros for the smallest model with 16 gigabytes of storage. The 32 GB model costs 579 euros and the 64 GB model costs 679 euros. In addition, Apple sells the iPad 2 with WLAN and cellular connection (3G). This variant is available for 599 euros for the 16 GB model, for 699 euros for the 32 GB model and for 799 euros for the 64 GB model.

iPad 2 with WiFi16 GB479 euros
iPad 2 with WiFi32 GB579 euros
iPad 2 with WiFi64 GB679 euros
iPad 2 with 3G and WiFi16 GB599 euros
iPad 2 with 3G and WiFi32 GB699 euros
iPad 2 with 3G and WiFi64 GB799 euros

The Apple iPad 2 is available at these prices in the Apple store as well as in retail outlets. You can also buy the iPad 2 in the shop.

Sale of the iPad 2 starts at night

The new tablet PC can be ordered from the Apple online shop from 2 a.m., and the iPad 2 will go on sale in the respective Apple stores from 5 p.m. The prices for the portable computer are 20 euros below the starting price of the first iPad.