How do you mine quartz

Minecraft: find quartz - here's how

Advanced redstone engineers cannot avoid quartz in Minecraft. The white quartz is needed for the corporator and also works very well as a decorative block. In this Minecraft tip, we show you how and where you can best find and mine the raw material.

Find and mine Minecraft quartz

First of all: Quartz can only be found in the nether. In the normal Minecraft world, you will not succeed in searching. The element cannot be exchanged for villagers either.

  • So let's go to the Nether. We have already explained in more detail how you can build the portal into the underworld.
  • Now look out for the nether quartz ore that contain the quartz. You can recognize the nether quartz ore by the white grain in the middle, with which it stands out from the conventional nether block (see picture).
  • Such nether quartz ores usually occur in groups of around 10 blocks. You can find them almost everywhere in the Nether. Especially in cave passages and on walls.
  • Be sure to use an iron or diamond pickaxe. Otherwise you will not receive any quartz after it is broken down.
  • For every piece of quartz you get 2 to 5 experience points. Collect the valuable quartz and use it to produce devices such as the observer or the daylight sensor. If you're not that tech savvy, you can also sculpt white quartz blocks out of it and build posh homes.

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