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The 7 most exciting and funniest Spotify Original Podcasts Top 7 Spotify Original Podcasts - Comedy, Guest Talk & Co.

Spotify Original Podcasts - the most important things in a nutshell

Music streaming services such as Spotify are very popular because music is available and accessible at any time. The same applies to podcasts that appear at regular intervals. We have summarized the most important things about Spotify Original Podcasts as follows:

  • No subscription required: You do not need a premium subscription to listen to Spotify Original Podcasts. However, the podcasts are interrupted by advertising in the free Spotify version.
  • Podcast selection: The Swedish streaming service not only offers Spotify original podcasts, other podcasters are also allowed to publish their content on the platform. Original Spotify Podcasts, however, means that the podcasts only appear exclusively on Spotify and not on other platforms.
  • Podcast formats: Classic podcast formats consist of one or more people talking to each other. Sometimes on a specific topic, such as sports, business, or pop culture. Original Spotify radio plays and audio books are also becoming more popular.

Original Spotify Podcast Number 1 - Firm & Fluffy

Originally, podcasts were based on radio formats in which conversations were recorded and broadcast at a fixed time and day. With streaming services such as Spotify, users can listen to their program of choice with flexibility. The Fest & Flauschig podcast has its roots there. Originally started as a radio show under the name “Sanft & Sorgvollig”, Jan Böhmermann and Olli Schulz switched to Spotify in 2016. Since then, a new podcast episode of the duo can be found exclusively there every Sunday on a weekly basis.

Jan Böhmermann is known for his former satire program "Neo Magazin Royale", his good friend Olli Schulz is a musician. The discussions are seldom based on fixed topics, but are often based on current events in the private as well as the political area. Guests are also present in conversation at irregular intervals. These include journalist Deniz Yücel and actor Bjarne Mädel.

New episodes: weekly, sundays

Original Spotify Podcast Number 2 - Mixed Hack

The mixed hack podcast, like “Fest & Flauschig”, is also a podcast by a duo. In this case comedy writer Tommi Schmitt and comedian Felix Lobrecht. So one of the two is actually more behind the stage, the other on it. The podcast does not follow any fixed topics and the conversations are similar to private phone calls, as one knows them even with friends.

Fixed points are regular categories. A very popular category is "Five quick questions to ...", which consists of Tommi Schmitt or Felix Lobrecht asking the other questions prepared for one episode. This resulted in so-called special episodes during the beginning of the corona pandemic, in which questions were asked to a prominent guest. The format was so popular that a second season is planned alongside the actual Mixed Hack podcast. Guests include soccer player Mat Hummels and information scientist Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim.

New episodes: weekly, Wednesdays

Original Spotify Podcast Number 3 - Good Germans

Spotify Original Podcasts can only be heard exclusively on Spotify and not on other streaming platforms (Screenshot: Spotify App)

Most people know Linda Zervakis as a Tagesschau spokeswoman. With Gute Deutsche, she has had her own podcast since summer 2020. The focus is on changing prominent guests with a migration background. She also counts herself in this, because she has Greek roots and was born in Hamburg.

In the podcast, the journalist and news anchor also shows herself from the funny side: There is a lot of laughter and stories of personal experiences. Guests include musician Mark Forster, journalist Giovanni di Lorenzo and comedian Hazel Brugger.

New episodes: weekly, Mondays

Original Spotify Podcast Number 4 - The very last interview

With the very last interview there is an audiobook for the first time in our ranking list of the Top Spotify Original Podcasts. The interesting thing: The work was never published in paper form, but consists of three seasons, which the presenter, journalist and author Visa Vie wrote and imported especially for Spotify.

Visa Vie's real name is Charlotte Mellahn and she became known as an interviewer for rap stars. In the hip-hop world, which is very much dominated by men, she always had to assert herself. There are similarities here to their Spotify crime thriller “the very last interview”. The protagonist Clara also fights her way through numerous interviews as a rap journalist. Your goal: you want to kill the most famous rapper in Germany. In three exciting seasons, listeners will find out whether this will work.

Seasons: 3 seasons, ended

Original Spotify Podcast Number 5 - TALK-O-MAT

This original podcast is similar to a blind date, as two prominent people always meet who do not know about each other beforehand. The result is combinations of primarily musicians but also actors. An automated voice gives the podcast its name: TALK-O-MAT. The random interruptions consist of questions that the guests asks, for example, whether they like yogurt or what they are afraid of.

Previous meetings in the Spotify TALK-O-MAT podcast are for example: musician Casper and comedian Jürgen von der Lippe, stand-up comedian Oliver Polak and actress Anna Maria Mühe or musician Alligatoah and presenter Johannes B. Kerner.

New episodes: weekly, Thursdays

Orginal Spotify Podcast Number 6 - Couples Biology

A popular section of podcasts is those about intimacy and love. This is exactly what the Paardiologie podcast is about. Behind it are Charlotte Roche and her husband Martin Keß-Roche. She, a former Viva presenter, was best known for her novel “Wetlands”, which was classified as scandalous. Her husband, however, always stayed away from the public. His voice could also be heard at the beginning of the podcast, but his face remained covered and anonymous. However, after a few episodes, he also showed his face.

The openness of the two is not only to be understood symbolically: the couple talks about their long-term relationship, intimacy, dealing with jealousy and everyday problems. In the form of couple diology, they show from sequence to sequence how important communication is in a relationship.

consequences: 45 episodes finished

Original Spotify Podcast Number 7 - SUSI

What was previously called a radio play is now called a modern fiction podcast. An example of this is SUSI. The story of how it came about is exciting, because Spotify bought the US podcast label Gimlet in 2019 and SUSI is a German-language adaptation of a Gimlet podcast. Spotify was able to win famous speakers for this. Including: Tatort actress Almila Bagriacik, actor and comedian Bastian Pastewka and comedian Martina Hill.

SUSI is about the protagonist Sara, who works for the tech company Orbital Teledynamics. One work area consists of digitization and the conception of the virtual assistant SUSI, which is comparable to Alexa. The only difference: the intelligence is not generated by algorithms, but the employees are responsible for answering the questions and problems of the SUSI users. This creates an exciting story.

Episodes: 7 episodes, 20-25 minutes

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