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coronaSelf-test for students: this is how it works!

How is school going from here? It is planned that the schools again open on January 25th. But if more people become infected with the corona virus again and the general lockdown (read: lokdaun) is extended, the start could also be postponed. A new type of coronavirus (it's also called mutation) is worrying the experts right now.

The good news: There is a plan for making learning together at school safer. Schoolchildren and teachers should take a corona test every week. In addition, there should be shift work again. That is, the classes should be divided into groups. So there are fewer children in school at the same time.

The test is for everyone voluntary and he does not cost anything either. Minister of Education Heinz Fassmann but hopes that a lot of people will take part in the tests. The Minister of Education is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly in schools. The regular tests can be used to determine whether someone has corona. Even if someone has no signs of illness at all. This is how you want to prevent someone from going to school sick and possibly infecting others.

No fear!

If you still go to elementary school, you don't have to take the test all by yourself. Your parents will get the tests at your school and they will be shown how they work there. You can then simply take the test at home. All other students will take the test at school - with the help of the teacher or the school doctor. So that this can be done in school, the children's parents must allow this in writing.

This is how it works:

The test shows after 15 minutes whether you have Corona or not.

Step 1: Open the test pack and remove the stick. Then you have to stick the swab on the stick about two centimeters deep into the first nostril. Then you spin it 5 times in a circle. Now put the chopstick in the other nostril and turn it 5 times in a circle!

Step 2: Now take the test card and peel off the adhesive tape. Then slide the stick that you previously stuck into your nose into the opening.

Step 3: A small bottle with a liquid is included in the test pack. Take this bottle and add 6 drops of the liquid to the well on the test card. Now turn the chopstick 2 times in each direction.

Step 4: Now glue the left and right sides of the test card together! You can read the result after 15 minutes.

Step 5: You can read the result on the test card.

  • Two red lines on the test card mean you are positive, i.e. infected with coronaviruses.

  • A red line means you are negative, so healthy.

  • A blue line means that you have to repeat the test because it is invalid.

If that Result negative is, that's good and you can go to school or stay in school.

If that Test result positive you have to stay home and have your parents call 1450. They will be helped there. If you go to school and test positive, the principal will call 1450 or report the illness to the local health authority.

Here you can watch the video of the self-test:

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