Why is stamping used in a pump

2 plunger injection pump. Can alternative pumps be installed?

  • Hello forum,

    on my 300 SE / C W 112 built in 1962 there is a Bosch 2-piston pump EP / ZEB 2KL75 R12 - 12T1 6488 built on. The pump has two faults that you can live with but that bother me.

    Now I'm looking for a replacement. This is where my real question arises.

    Can you also use alternatives to my injection pump?

    In the classifieds of the VDH I find two pumps with the numbers R11

    And the second EP / ZEB2KL75R13.

    could you also block them?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Greetings from Osnabrück

    Felix Lipkowski

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    I think you should have the existing pump repaired. The pumps are all 50 years old and somehow they always inject, but on closer inspection, it is often far from the target state.

    That doesn't cost a fortune with reputable addresses.

    I can recommend Hans Ftitzsche to you. He made me several pumps. Everything transparent with incoming inspection, KV, and final inspection protocol ...

    Best wishes


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  • Hello Felix,

    thank you Markus (will be red in a moment). The pump was with me. The moving parts (adjusting lever bearings, link levers, ...) are simply relatively heavily worn. But I think that the little engine should still run well, right?

    The R11 and R13 pumps are for the 220 engine (switch or automatic). I think it would be better to use individual parts from these to improve the R12. Or you can go straight to the "nice solution" and use the 6-piston pumps. Then you can get rid of the technically unattractive solution of the distribution blocks. But of course the effort is greater and it is no longer original.



  • Hi Markus,

    many thanks for your response. My pump was already Hans Fritzsche and has been discontinued. Unfortunately, there is a part of my pump that cannot be repaired and therefore a curiosity arises that is annoying in the daily use of the car.

    If you put in a gear in an automatic transmission, the solenoid should raise the speed drop back to normal speed. With this little adjustment my pump becomes lean !!!!! And the engine dies. We provisionally managed to do this with settings on the throttle linkage so that the engine does not stop, but it does not work properly.

    Second, my pump is making very loud noises. It's frustrating! I have now heard another M189 with a 2 piston pump running and that is a difference like day and night. I would like to change something about it now ..... and let Hans Fritzsche set another pump for me and put my current one aside as an E part.

    Greetings Felix

  • Hello Felix,

    ah, are you really sure now that the noise is coming from the pump? As you know, it was not noticeable here on the test bench.

    Greetings Hans

  • Hello Hans,

    yes, the noise comes from the ESP. I treated myself to a mechanical stethoscope and was able to identify it very quickly.

    If there is the possibility of converting to the 6 piston pump, that would also be a very attractive solution for me, even if it is no longer entirely original.

    Surely the injection nozzles would also have to be changed for this and who knows what else. Could you briefly describe the effort? And which pump would be required for this?

    I found these here in the classifieds:

    Bosch injection pump PES 6 KL 70 B 120 R24Y. Pump was restored and readjusted by a specialist in 2019. Fits all M130 engines from the models: W113, W111 and W108.

    The R24 is the last development stage of the Bosch six-plunger pumps.

    and still this:


    but they don't seem to be complete .....

    Greetings Felix

  • Hello Felix,

    this is really strange when the noise comes from the ESP. Whatever.

    I'm not the expert on the conversion. Others can certainly say more about that. Suitable pumps are then PES 6KL 70/120 R12 or PES 6KL 70A120 R19.

    Best regards