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Out and about with Benzko: Miriam meets the rapper from the Berlin MV (documentary)

The Berlin newcomer Benzko has been up to mischief in the German rap scene for almost two years. With "Billie Jean" and "Kopf ist Pilot" released two songs this year, which (if you want to believe the comment columns) were another step towards great success for the young rapper with the powerful voice. Miriam Davoudvandi met Benzko in his district, the Berlin Märkisches Viertel, and talked to him about his musical influences, his way to rap and about finding a style.

Growing up in the Märkisches Viertel, also abbreviated to MV by locals, Benzko spent his youth relatively isolated from the rest of Berlin before he moved to Bremerhaven to play basketball. In an underground interview with Miriam Davoudvandi, Benzko talks about his decision to make music and the goal of getting his home district back on the rap map. After all, nobody has succeeded in doing this since Sido. The two also talk about Benzko's early childhood musical socialization and the process of finding a style.

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It's located somewhere in back rooms, basements or cold backyards. The notorious underground of German rapeseed. He is only too happy to be mentioned in rap biographies and - at least it seems - instantly awards the “authenticity” seal of approval. This is where the foundations for great rap careers are laid, honesty is an indispensable ingredient and "the way out of here" is often the determining motto. In our documentary series we dedicate ourselves to the most exciting rappers from the underground and visit them in their homeland. The documentary was created in cooperation with Havana Club.

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