What are your memories of christmas

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Christmas as it used to be

Hardly any other time is so connected to the memories of childhood as those around Christmas Eve.

DISTRICT (tazo). When the tree is finally up, the parcels hidden and cookies baked, many things should be the same as they used to be. At first glance, not much has changed. Christmas with Christmas tree, spray candles, tinsel, carp and gingerbread. This is how Christmas Eve has been celebrated for many generations. And yet everything is very different. Hedwig Bauer, deputy district chairwoman of the Braunau senior citizens' association, tells how she experienced Christmas in her early childhood. "Everything was a bit different than usual. There was a lot of cleaning, chicken were slaughtered and a lot of wood was put in baskets. The whole house smelled of fresh vanilla crescents. I especially remember the staghorn gingerbread and eye biscuits. I was allowed to." try and help. " On the rough nights the stables and the house were smoked. A rosary was prayed in the evenings on Saturdays in Advent. Little Hedwig always got a pillow from her grandfather to kneel on during prayer. "My father fetched the Christmas tree and placed it in the shed for the Christ child. I often checked whether it was still there. Everything was quieter and more peaceful than usual. That's what I miss most," remembers the 68-year-old. The family didn't hear Christmas carols until Christmas Eve.

The day had come

One got up early on Christmas Eve. Everyone was very excited - especially the children. They could hardly wait for the Christ Child to finally get the tree. "In the afternoon, grandma put apples with cinnamon sugar in the can. It just smelled very different, exciting. There was also gingerbread. I couldn't eat anything, however," says Bauer. Again and again she is all the way to the keyhole, but there was nothing to be seen. Then suddenly the “living room” was blocked. "I didn't have any special wishes either, I was just really looking forward to the Christ Child." After the parents had worked in the stable, the time had finally come. Finally the bell rang. "First my mother was allowed in to see if the Christ Child was ready. Then we were all allowed in. Grandma, Grandpa, Papa, my little sister and me."

Less was more

The children were rigid at the sight of the decorated tree. Colorful balls, burning candles, angel hair, sugar ringlets and the little chocolate figures that the children made themselves were attached to them. "My mother turned on the light and said that the Christ Child was well-behaved and hardworking this year. It also brought presents. There were only a few packs under the tree. Socks, gloves, hoods, sweaters or a little dress. Everything was self-made. But also some toys - I remember a teddy bear that was grumbling, a doll that could open and close its eyes and also sit and sit on a sled, "remembers Bauer. There was a soup with noodles, sausages and vegetables to eat. Then the parents went to Christmas mass and the children went to bed much happier but very tired. "I still spend Christmas Eve contemplative today. In the morning I decorate the tree. There is mulled cider and incense on the stove. There is a bite to eat and then a walk. In the early evening we go to the Schnaitl Chapel to pray the rosary."