What is socialization and its meaning



1. Term: Process of integration or adaptation of the growing person into the society and culture surrounding him. Since humans do not have instincts that control their actions, they have to learn social norms, behavioral standards and roles in the process of socialization in order to become capable of acting and behaving confidently in the respective social context and to develop their socio-cultural personality.

2. Carrier of socialization: Socialization instances and agents (family, school, church, age groups, media, etc.).

3. To distinguish:
(1) Primary socialization: Takes place in the early childhood development phase, is primarily mediated by the family through a combination of cognitive and emotional content;
(2) secondary socialization: New social roles and norms are imparted and learned, but socialization only strives for limited areas of behavior. The phases of primary and secondary socialization overlap.

Business education / work and organizational psychology

Ongoing process of creation, development and formation of personality structures in professional structure and interaction contexts. This acquisition process takes place primarily in dealing with professional requirements in school and company institutions of the vocational training system as well as during employment in all professional positions. Under the influence of cognitive and action-theoretic approaches, a shift of interest to the analysis of the conditions and possibilities of the development of personal identity in the field of tension between social requirements and individual developmental demands is indicated. In this sense, socialization is understood as a categorical umbrella term that encompasses the aspects of Personalization (Coming of age in society) and qualification (Ability to act to meet professional and social requirements).