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protagonist personality

All of your actions are external and affect your surroundings. Their behavior can convey warmth or fear. Their charisma can generate affection or cause depression. Your gaze can inspire joy. Your words can inspire the desire for freedom. Every action you do can open minds and hearts.

David Deida

Protagonists are natural leaders, full of passion and charisma. These personalities make up around two percent of the population. Often they are politicians, project managers or teachers, they are sociable and inspire others to perform and do good deeds. The natural self-confidence of protagonists encourages their influence. They take pride in and enjoy motivating others to improve themselves and their communities.

Firm belief in fellow human beings

People are drawn to strong personalities, and protagonists exude authenticity, compassion, and altruism. You are not afraid to speak out and speak up when something needs to be done. People with the personality type of the protagonist have a natural gift for communication, especially on a personal level, and their empathetic nature helps them reach those around them, be it through facts and logic or pure emotion. Protagonists easily see through people's motivations and make the connection between events that do not seem to be related. You are able to bring concepts together and convey them as a collective goal with an eloquence that can be fascinating.

Protagonists have an authentic interest in their fellow human beings. When protagonists believe in people's potential for development, it is easy for them to become overly concerned with their problems and put too much trust in them. Fortunately, this trust often develops its own dynamic as the altruism and authenticity of the protagonists inspire other people to work on themselves. If protagonists are not careful, they can easily become intoxicated with optimism and sometimes push others to go beyond their current capabilities.

Protagonists are prone to another problem: they have a keen ability to reflect and analyze their own feelings, but if they are too involved with other people's problems they can develop a kind of emotional hypochondria. You then see other people's problems in yourself and try to solve something in yourself that doesn't need a solution. If protagonists get stuck because another person has reached their limits, this can impair the protagonists' ability to overcome the dilemma and to be of service to them. In this case, protagonists have to keep their distance and reflect on themselves. You need to distinguish between your own feelings and separate issues that should be viewed from a different perspective.

... Adversity should not prevent us from working for a cause that we are convinced is right

Protagonists are sincere, caring people who follow action after words and who nothing makes them happier than uniting, motivating and leading their teams with infectious enthusiasm.

Protagonists are committed altruists, sometimes in excess, and do not shy away from braving adversity when they stand up for their fellow men and beliefs. It is no wonder that many famous protagonists are influential leaders in politics and business. Protagonists strive to be trailblazers for a better future, be it by leading a nation to prosperity or a small softball team to a hard-fought victory.