Can a government official work for an NGO?

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My main focus at is currently the bill for a lobby register. We want to get rid of secret lobbying because we see it as a great danger to democracy. An essential component of this is a mandatory register, in which all lobbyists must register and provide information about their clients, their goals and their financing.

At the beginning of the year we decided that we would not only want to throw abstract demands into the room. That is why we have drafted a bill. The aim is to define which legal lobbying should exist and which forms of lobbying would become illegal.

In preparation, I looked at existing proposals for a lobby register, read through assessments and began to define points myself that our draft law should contain. At the same time, I organize the coordination with the LobbyControl association, with whom we are working on the law. We discuss our requirements with one another and work them out together. Now I'm not a lawyer, so I brought our lawyer on board to help me with the legal text.

"It's all about strengthening the self-determined society."

For the result, we have created a website on which anyone can view and comment on the text: After all, the transparency requirement also applies to our own work. The next step is a revision of the draft law, which will take into account the comments received. Then we hand over the finished draft to the Bundestag.