How do you see leadership


Leadership - what makes good leadership? In economically difficult times in particular, leadership is crucial in order to “do the right thing right”. Successful companies bring their strategy, structure and corporate culture into a dynamic balance. The executives play a central role - as visionaries, designers, role models and coaches.

Here and in the newsletter archive you can see the results of our study on the topic of leadership - what makes good leadership?

We also help you to answer the question of what constitutes good leadership for your company: In 3 steps we develop the leadership skills you need together with you:

In the “Organizational Behavior Workshop” you define the leadership model or competence profile of your organization with our support. We will present the results of our study "Leadership - What makes good leadership?" available as a benchmark.

The “Individual Performance Check” serves as a feedback instrument on the management style of your managers or your next generation of managers (high potentials / talent management). The Philadelphia Performance Profile, used as a 360 ° feedback, gives you the opportunity to compare your own self-image with the external image of superiors, colleagues and employees as well as an ideal competence profile of the organization.

The results can be used specifically as a basis for training and individual or team coaching.

The Philadelphia Performance Profile is an analysis method for measuring and controlling the key resources in the company. Make leadership skills transparent. Because: "What you cannot measure, you cannot control." (Peter Drucker, management pioneer)

We describe leadership behavior as an individual expression of 7 basic motives:

• Striving for autonomy
• Strive for excellence
• Strive for development
• Striving for dominance
• Striving for harmony
• Striving for order
• Striving for security

Some motives favor a very successful leadership style, some are neutral in effect, others have an adverse influence on leadership. Take advantage of our expertise and many years of experience in the field of leadership!

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