What is the best system of governance

Corporate governance principles:
Good corporate governance

Corporate policy

We demand the highest quality and safety of our products, services and our actions. In doing so, we take into account the interests of customers, employees, suppliers and other business partners, shareholders and the general public.

We use a process-oriented, integrated management system worldwide in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for quality and environmental management. We want to achieve our clearly set goals efficiently, continuously improve our performance and develop our company successfully and sustainably.

We see our employees as a source of added value and creativity at LANXESS and therefore encourage their awareness and commitment to improvement.

Occupational health and safety is the top priority at LANXESS to protect our employees. We encourage and demand compliance with safety, health and environmental guidelines at our locations around the world. We strengthen our employees' sense of responsibility for safety, health and the environment through communication and motivate them to continue their education and training in these areas.

We value the greatest possible safety when operating our systems. We set uniform standards for process and plant safety worldwide and regularly check their compliance and effectiveness.

We understand our product stewardship as the constant improvement of product safety for people and the environment. We monitor the health and ecological effects of raw materials and products worldwide. We support our customers in the safe and environmentally friendly handling of our products and point out the risks associated with their use. We also demand correspondingly responsible behavior from our suppliers and service providers.

We are committed to protecting the climate. Our goal is to minimize emissions that are harmful to the climate and to avoid them as far as possible. To do this, we take into account the entire value chain from the use of raw materials to energy generation and consumption as well as our own plant and synthesis processes to the products, their transport and delivery as well as the recycling or disposal of products and raw materials.

We are committed to responsible and comprehensive protection of the environment and continuously improve our environmental performance. We research and develop environmentally friendly products and processes in order to avoid possible environmental pollution. We report publicly on our progress.

We strive for a successful partnership with our customers, taking our management guidelines into account. We aim to recognize our customers' expectations at an early stage, to react quickly to their needs and thus to guarantee customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis. We regard our suppliers and service providers as partners, whose competence and reliability are criteria for us in their selection as well as compliance with our corporate principles.

We create trust in our business activities through open and respectful communication with our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and creditors, the authorities and the public.